Travis Kelce Retirement Timeline Revealed by New Contract

Travis Kelce's new two-year contract makes retirement feel much more realistic after the 2025-26 season
Travis Kelce's new two-year contract makes retirement feel much more realistic after the 2025-26 season / Tom R. Smedes / USA TODAY NETWORK

Travis Kelce has a new two-year contract that makes him the NFL's highest-paid tight end, a well-deserved honor for the future Hall of Famer and greatest tight end in history.

However, new details surrounding the contract have a bittersweet undertone. Despite initial reporting that Kelce's deal was a two-year extension that'd make him a Chief through his age-38 season, corrections have clarified that it's a raise on his pre-existing two-year contract instead. Meaning, it appears likely that Kelce intends to retire after the 2025-26 season.

His first comments following the deal seemed to indicate that as well, with Kelce saying he "can't wait to get after it these next two years." Are we looking at Kelce's final two seasons in the NFL?

Travis Kelce's New Contract Indicates Retirement Could Be Near

On the one hand, it's relieving to know that 2024-25 will not be Kelce's final season, though it's now far more likely that he only has two years left in the tank.

It's certainly possible that Kelce signs a true extension, especially if he doesn't suffer a significant injury. He currently has 11,328 receiving yards, trailing Tony Gonzales for the all-time lead by 3,799 yards. Kelce would need four years, at least, at his current pace to catch Gonzales, giving him some incentive to stick around.

That being said, Kelce already has lucrative off-field deals lined up and would instantly be a candidate to star in entertainment ventures as soon as he retired. Not that I speak from experience, but it sounds a lot easier to say goodbye to the NFL when you can star in Hollywood, though it'd obviously be a difficult decision.

If the Chiefs keep winning Super Bowls with a young roster ready to compete both now and in the future, Kelce might decide to stick around "until the wheels fall off" as he's said.

Either way, the framework of this new contract makes retirement after 2025-26 feel like a much more realistic possibility.

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