Travis Kelce Had Bigger Motivation for New Contract Extension

Travis Kelce explained he was happy to raise the ceiling on tight end contract value
Travis Kelce explained he was happy to raise the ceiling on tight end contract value / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Kelce will be in Kansas City for at least the next two seasons thanks to his nifty new contract that deservedly makes him the NFL's highest-paid tight end.

While this increases the chances that Kelce retires in two years, it also maintains his ability to sign a new extension following the 2025-26 season if he wants to stick around. Shorter deals allow players to go back to the table faster, helping to reset the financial market at their respective positions.

According to Kelce on his New Heights podcast, pushing the value of tight ends forward was a big motivator for this reworked deal.

Travis Kelce Reveals Motivation for New Contract

Kelce gave thanks to all of the major players in the Chiefs' organization, including Andy Reid, Brett Veach, and Clark Hunt, saying how thankful he was for the opportunity and to be appreciated.

He also was grateful that he "got to move the needle for the tight end room." Kelce explained, "it's everyone else's job to go out there and keep making that tight end AAV number go up and up."

The future no-doubt Hall of Famer clarified that he's "not a guy that holds out." Kelce never had any intention of causing a distraction in the locker room, showcasing the exemplary leadership we've come to know and love him for.

While I'd guess that Kelce intends to retire after this contract is up, he could stick around on a one-year deal to keep raising the ceiling on tight end contracts. Kansas City will want him as long as he wants to play, especially if Super Bowls remain in reach.

For now, we can just keep enjoying one of the best athletes who will ever play for our Chiefs.

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