Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Chiefs' final record will be in 2023

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Week 12 - Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders - Nov. 26th

Score Prediction - 34-10 Chiefs

The Chiefs have 30+ points in seven consecutive games against the Raiders and I'm not about to predict that streak ends. After all, we've seen enough illustrious streaks meet their conclusion this year.

Maxx Crosby's chirping at Patrick Mahomes got national attention on the Netflix documentary showcasing the latter, and I expect this is the game we'll remember as when Mahomes and the offense got their swagger back.

Mahomes can play football indeed.

The Raiders are a mess across the board and pose no threat to overcoming the Chiefs, whether this is in Vegas or not.

Kansas City will feel pressure to stay atop the AFC and won't let an opportunity like this slip through the team's fingers. The Chiefs win once again.