KC Chiefs: Way too early look at potential positions of need in 2021 draft

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Alaric Jackson (77)  (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Alaric Jackson (77)  (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

With Fisher and Schwartz aging, the KC Chiefs may need to look to find their future offensive tackles in the 2021 draft.

The train continues to move on as the Kansas City Chiefs look to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

The reality is that every year, teams must be doing their best to be looking ‘over the horizon’ at when is the right time to start looking toward the future. When does a star player become old and in need of replacing?

The offensive tackle group is approaching that point, as Mitchell Scwartz is already over 30 and Eric Fisher is nearing the dreaded age group in the NFL.

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Alaric Jackson, Iowa

It’s somewhat surprising that Alaric Jackson returned to Iowa for his senior season. Jackson is a multi-year starter at tackle for an Iowa Hawkeye program that continues to produce a slew of NFL quality offensive linemen.

With good size, Jackson missed four games due to a knee sprain and limited his effectivness when he returned. He will, assuming he stays healthy, be a four year starter at left tackle for the Iowa football program.

Cade Mays, Tennessee

Cade Mays has experience playing all over the line from his time at Georgia and projects to play tackle this season for Tennessee. He started 18 games during his two seasons, including a start at center against Missouri. His versatility could be attractive to the Chiefs who love versatility in offensive linemen.

Jalen Mayfield, Michigan

With limited experience, starting only 13 games thus far during his career, Jalen Mayfield was the starter at right tackle this past season for the Wolverines.

Assuming he declares, he’s the young, high upside prospect the Chiefs could find attractive as a swing tackle during his rookie season before asking him to take over a tackle spot as a second year player. Mel Kiper rated Mayfield as the third best offensive tackle prospect for the 2021 NFL Draft, obviously a long way away.