KC Chiefs: Drafting Trevon Diggs makes sense in first round

Since there are no major roster needs currently, the KC Chiefs will be drafting for depth and to build beyond 2020. At least one of their five picks will likely be used at the cornerback position.

The Kansas City Chiefs return 20 of their 22 Super Bowl starters. That’s hard to do after winning a Lombardi Trophy and is a big help in repeating to get another. While the team will have some bigger roster holes to fill after 2020, they’ll likely be drafting this year for 2021. Being ahead of that curve is a great place to be.

This means that the Chiefs can pick players that may take a season or two to get adjusted to the pro game. This becomes even more of an advantage when drafting at the bottom of each round since the talent steadily decreases.

Since the players they select won’t have to be immediate starters, Kansas City can work them out in different roles in search of their strengths. Versatility then becomes the key to success.

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One such player could very well be Alabama’s Trevon Diggs. Diggs is a cornerback with the size and skills to play safety as well. Considering how defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has used some players in the secondary, Diggs’ versatility here would be a great asset. At 6’1″ and 205 pounds, Diggs won’t get bullied as much by bigger receivers.

Covering bigger receivers becomes more important considering who Kansas City faces twice a year. The Broncos have wide receiver Courtland Sutton and probably will draft another receiver in the first round. They also have tight end Noah Fant, who could flourish in 2020. The Chargers have wide receiver Mike Williams and tight end Hunter Henry.

These players all have the ability to create big plays against the Chiefs. So, having a versatile player that’s more capable of handling bigger targets would be very beneficial.

Diggs has also spent time as a receiver himself, which gives him a little more understanding of his opponent and the ability to go up and make plays on the ball. He is also no stranger to understanding the bigger stage that he’s about to be on.

His older brother Stefon Diggs has been a premier player in the league since 2015, so that’s likely helped the younger Diggs to know what to expect with entering the league. Since the talented defender hails from a powerhouse school in the SEC, he’s used to the big stage and tough competition.

Diggs’ draft profile projects him to be a starter within the first couple of seasons in the league. The Chiefs will need to add depth at the cornerback position, but with the re-signing of Bashaud Breeland and Charvarius Ward holding down a starting spot, that should give Diggs time to adjust.

Breeland also becomes a free agent again in 2021, so handing Diggs the reins after year one would hopefully be the plan. It’s also good that Kansas City has already shown interest in him, interviewing him at the combine.

With Kansas City not needing to fill immediate holes in the roster, it seems the mock drafts are all over the place with what position they’ll make a priority at 32. If they don’t trade out of the first round, selecting Diggs would be a wise choice and would likely be praised by Chiefs fans, knowing that cornerback depth is a higher priority.

With the talent that already in the Chiefs’ secondary, adding him could help take them to the next level. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Trevon Diggs becomes a part of  Chiefs Kingdom in the days to come.