Who might be the Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Royals?

Arrowhead Stadium recognized a memorable season by quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
Arrowhead Stadium recognized a memorable season by quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images) /

Kansas City natives know all too well Patrick Mahomes’ influence on the Chiefs. Across the parking lot, the Kansas City Royals are looking for their Patrick Mahomes. Who might be that be right now?

“With the tenth overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select… Patrick Mahomes.”

How many of us saw that selection coming from the Chiefs? So, maybe a few of us saw that pick coming from the Chiefs. After all Andy Reid loves quarterbacks and has a gift for molding and shaping young Quarterbacks into near élite level NFL Quarterbacks.

But really, how many of us saw the meteoric rise of Patrick “Showtime” Mahomes into one of the faces of the NFL and the Chiefs first ever MVP Quarterback?

There is a lot to like with Mahomes. He has a rocket for an arm, can run a convincing option, and his abilities as a play caller wows both the crowds and the opposing defenses. He is also charismatic and smart. Possibly the most important piece to the rise of his fame is how he handles himself in the public eye. He almost always seems upbeat and is respectful to the media even in defeat.

His rise has catapulted the Chiefs into a perennial playoff team and a potential SuperBowl threat. He has almost single-handedly switched the media’s focus from the Royals to the Chiefs. And why not? The Royals after all are struggling rebuilding process.

This raises a good question.

If Patrick Mahomes is the charismatic leader of the Chiefs (and soon the NFL), who could be the Mahomes of the Kansas City Royals?

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To be clear, Mahomes has not led the Chiefs to the Superbowl, so for comparison’s sake, anyone that enters into the equation should not have played in the comparable MLB’s World Series. That means, the affable Salvador Perez is out.

Breaking down Mahomes into something quantifiable is a good place to start for comparison’s sake. Mahomes, is a leader, an élite play-maker, athletic, intelligent, and is young. With these characteristics in mind, the current group of Royals’ players miss one or two of these characteristics.

If this is true, then does the Royals have anyone in their minor league system that might someday compare to Showtime? There are some intriguing names in the Royals’ system.

One name that may jump out is Brady Singer. Singer is the same age as Showtime (23). Singer also plays an important position just like Showtime does (pitcher). Singer also has a rocket-like arm that usually flashes low to mid 90s on his two and four-seam fastballs.

However, while Mahomes calls plays every down, Singer only gets to pitch every fifth day or so. This fact alone hurts Singer’s case for possibly being the Royals version of Mahomes.

So, who then maybe the Royals’ version of Mahomes? Enter, another Texan, Bobby Witt Jr.

There are copious amounts of similarities between the two (Mahomes and Witt Jr.). For one, they are both Jrs. They both are from Texas. And they are both the sons of Major League Baseball pitchers. Mahomes flew through his “minor league” (being a backup to Alex Smith for one year before taking over last season) situations while Witt Jr. has started off his minor league career on the fast tract.

But there has to be something more when comparing the two. It is their play. Their play changes the scope of a game.

Mahomes is flashy, daring, quick, and is becoming a smarter play caller. Each year Mahomes’ qualities have only sharpened as he has responded to the ever-changing schemes of rival NFL teams. As evidence, Mahomes has thrown while on the run, pulled off plays that even the “X-Factor” (Dante Hall) would be proud of, throwing no look passes, throwing the ball with both hands, and now knowing when to throw the ball away.

Certainly Mahomes is a likeable guy, which only adds to his case of being the face of the Chiefs and possibly the NFL. Is Witt Jr., the Royals’ Mahomes?

Witt has started his public persona off on the right foot. He is charming, grounded, and his play has started off well. Witt is also young and developing like Mahomes before him.

In a very short amount of time, Witt has become the number one Royals’ prospect and number eight in MLB’s top prospect watch. What this means is Witt has the chance to be an élite level baseball player that can help the Royals be a force in the years to come.

It may not be fair comparing the young Witt with an established vet like Mahomes or even comparing Witt with the possible new face of an entire sports league. But what this really says is that Witt has the kind of play and leadership abilities that could electrify a Royals crowd base that hasn’t seen this sort of player-thrill since the Bo Jackson was running on walls.

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Who do you think might be the Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Royals?