Kansas City Royals should have traded Danny Duffy last offseason

Kansas City Royals P Danny Duffy. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Kansas City Royals P Danny Duffy. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Danny Duffy had a disappointing 2018 season. Do the Kansas City Royals regret not moving him this past offseason when they had the chance?

During the past offseason, there was much discussion about the Kansas City Royals and the rumors of a Danny Duffy trade. Obviously as we know, no trade happened. But it saw comments from Duffy on social media talking about “Bury me a Royal” and all the other comments we have come to know in the past year.

As Duffy failed to finish the 2018 season healthy, struggled with consistency as a starter, and wasn’t worth the money he was being paid, the Royals top brass must be asking themselves: Should we have made a move when the opportunity was there?

The short answer is: Well, we don’t know and likely neither do the Royals. As fans, we have no clue what any team may have offered the Royals in a trade offer requesting the services of Duffy. So from this point, if a team called offering a couple hots dogs and a nacho topping to be named later, obviously the Royals don’t regret not shipping Duffy off.

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However, the bigger concern may just be how and where Duffy fits into the somewhat new look Royals we saw coming down the last 30 days of the season. With what appears at least to be a decent rotation headlined by Jake Junis and Brad Keller, it’s difficult to see where exactly Duffy fits moving forward.

Are the Royals going to use him as a back of the rotation type starter? Do they move him to the bullpen, hoping his stuff and durability get better not asking him to throw as many innings? A similar move for Wade Davis certainly did wonders for his career, could the same work for Duffy?

The bigger question for the Royals with Duffy, along with guys like Ian Kennedy, is the money. Duffy is owed 46 million over the next three seasons on a team that is likely not really going anywhere likely for at least two of those remaining seasons. Do the Royals feel the need to start Duffy to justify the contract or do they simply look at the money having been spent and finding the best way for Duffy to be successful?

My guess, knowing how things have turned out, the Kansas City Royals likely wish they had made a move of Duffy this past offseason but I’m not sure they regret the decision. This organization loves to hold on to certain players and Duffy appears to fit into that category.

Duffy, along with the aforementioned Kennedy, are the odd, old expensive ducks in a young and somewhat promising pitching pond. If Duffy is able to come out next year and have some success, you may see him moved. Maybe.