Kansas City proves its prominence with CONCACAF doubleheader

Sporting KC. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/New York Red Bulls via Getty Images)
Sporting KC. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/New York Red Bulls via Getty Images) /

Kansas City is one of the most important cities in the United States for the beautiful game of soccer.

Fans who are aware of the robust player development programs, devotion of resources to football and have attended a Sporting KC match at Children’s Mercy Park are already aware of the crucial role that Kansas City plays in the game in the United States. For those who are ignorant to those facts, a recent announcement by CONCACAF should change that.

According to a press release from CONCACAF, Children’s Mercy Park will host a double-header in the 2019 Gold Cup. The home of Sporting KC will be one of just 15 sites in only 13 cities that will boast such events which will run from June 14-July 7. The matches will be broadcast on Fox and Univision. The excitement might only begin with that announcement, however.

Children’s Mercy has also been listed as one of eight finalists to be part of a bid to host matches for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. That would be a first for Kansas City, and bring an amount of tourists to the metro that could be unprecedented. In similar news, Children’s Mercy will host a 2018 Tournament of Nations doubleheader on July 26, during which the US Women’s National Team will take the pitch.

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The exact dates that matches will be played at Children’s Mercy and which nations’ teams will play on the pitch are yet to be announced. Fans can sign up now for an exclusive pre-sale offer for tickets.

For fans unfamiliar with the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it’s a biennial tournament that will feature 16 North American, Central American and Caribbean nations’ men’s national teams. The winner of the tournament will represent CONCACAF at the 2012 FIFA Confederations Cup, which is a tournament second in prominence only to the FIFA World Cup.

Children’s Mercy has seen more than its fair share of major football events over the years, and this is just the latest keeping Kansas City at the forefront of the minds of fans of the beautiful game for years to come.

Kansas City has been nicknamed the “soccer capital” and this only further proves that sentiment is correct. CONCACAF coming to our great city is yet another way for outsiders to see just how much Kansas City natives embrace the sport of soccer and hopefully it’ll bring other opportunities here in the future.

This is an exciting time for Kansas City soccer fans!