Kansas City Chiefs fans willing to lose if it means starting Patrick Mahomes

In the wake of another embarrassing loss for the Kansas City Chiefs, the fans are adamant about starting Patrick Mahomes, even if it means giving up on 2017.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 6-5 and hold a game lead in the AFC West as we enter the final stretch of the 2017 regular season. However, you wouldn’t think that was the case given the current state of the KC fan base. Chiefs Kingdom is demanding the team start Patrick Mahomes, and they’re ok with losing as long as he gets the call.

We took a poll yesterday of Chiefs fans and their thoughts on starting Patrick Mahomes. The premise was simple: “Are you ok with the Chiefs going 6-10 if it means Patrick Mahomes starts for the rest of the year?” The response was overwhelming…and frankly, a bit disappointing.

I can honestly say that I have never heard of a fan base of a team leading the division in Week 13 that was willing to tank the rest of the season. Not for any reason at all. How you justify that is really beyond me. I will tell you now, worse teams than the 2017 Chiefs have made the playoffs, and made some noise when they got there.

When Adversity Strikes…

Given the schedule the Kansas City Chiefs had this season, there were a lot of folks that would have been ok with being 6-5 at this point before the year started. However, the Chiefs set a new standard when they began the year 5-0. That changed everyone’s expectations of what this team could, and should, be doing.

Now Kansas City is stuck in a rut, with a pair of embarrassing losses since their BYE week. The offense isn’t getting anything done right now, and we all know that Alex Smith is going to get the blame for that. He’s an easy scapegoat for an entire unit that hasn’t been performing well.

Yet despite the recent struggles, the Chiefs are still in control of their own destiny. With their remaining schedule, every week is an opportunity to turn things around and finish strong. So it really does shock me that the fans are so willing to accept (if not embrace) defeat at this point.

A Plan Has Been In Place

The Kansas City Chiefs leadership came into the 2017 season with a clear plan at the quarterback position. Alex Smith would start this year, and the Chiefs would look to transition to Patrick Mahomes in 2018. We all knew that was what the plan was, and we were all ok with it. Of course, that was before the team started losing games.

Now, despite everyone with inside knowledge of the situation telling us he isn’t ready, Chiefs fans are demanding we change the plan. Regardless of any potential setbacks in may present, the fan base is simply insistent that Patrick Mahomes must be named the starter.

It’s a call that is being spearheaded by local and national media, which I told you would happen. While most analysts with an actual football background are saying it’s not the right move, the media analysts are driving this train…and the fans can’t wait to jump on board.

I’m not much of one for giving up, especially when still in the lead. To be honest, I have a feeling that a lot of fans are going to look back on this point of the season and will be a little embarrassed of their takes. Well, I take that back…I doubt many people will look back on what they said during this point of the season.

The Kansas City Chiefs still hold the lead in the AFC West, and control their own destiny. However, Chiefs Kingdom is making their voices heard on the issue, and they want Patrick Mahomes to start. While I get the frustration, there is nothing that would make me want to give up on a season where we lead the division this late in the year.