Kansas City Royals ranked dead last in way too early power rankings

It wasn’t long ago when Kansas City Royals fans wouldn’t even bother reading power rankings due to knowing their team would be at the bottom.

We’re back to those days now it seems. After a short stint at the top of the crop in Major League Baseball, the Kansas City Royals are back to being disrespected. Jason Wilson of The Score did his MLB offseason power rankings and had the Royals ranked dead last.

Here is what Wilson had to say about his decision to put the boys in blue as the worst team in Major League Baseball next season,

Long term, losing the bulk of their World Series core to free agency this offseason might not sting too badly – though teetering on the cusp of contention ensured the team received nothing more than compensatory picks in exchange. In the immediate aftermath, 2018 will be a long season.

I admit that the 2018 season will be rough, and the new money Royals fans are likely going to go back to rooting for the Cardinals or Yankees or whoever they cheered for before the 2014 season rolled around, but worst in the league? That’s a bit harsh.

The Tigers and White Sox have both completely tore down their teams in hopes of rebuilding, so they’ll be right on pace with the Royals. This is assuming that the Royals don’t retain any of their key free agents either. If the Royals somehow do keep Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, then there’s no way the 2018 Royals are going to be the worst in all of baseball.

As for the rest of the rankings, the Astros and Dodgers were rightfully ranked in the top two spots. Even with the Dodgers losing the World Series, they’ve got a solid young team who are going to do great things for years to come. The Astros very well could contend for another World Series title in the next few seasons as well.

AL Central rival Cleveland was put as the third best team despite faltering in the postseason last year. I feel like last year was the Indians’ best shot at winning it all and they choked when it came down to it.

The Minnesota Twins were ranked 13th and they honestly deserve to be much higher. No one expected the Twins to make the playoffs last season and they did just that.

The American League Central is going to be a two-horse race between the Tribe and the Twins, but it could be worse… The Royals could be trying to contend in the National League Central, a division that has three teams ranked in the top ten (Cubs seventh, Brewers eighth, and Cardinals tenth).

When it comes down to it, these are just silly rankings, but I did find it interesting to see the KC Royals considered the worst team heading into 2018… Especially with so much still to be determined as far as free agency goes.