Kansas City Chiefs: Do not sleep on the Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Washington Redskins. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs will welcome in the Washington Redskins for a Monday Night Football match-up at Arrowhead. While this might seem like an easy Chiefs win, it’s not wise to count the Redskins out of this one.

With the Kansas City Chiefs still being jilted by the national media despite posting one of two undefeated records in the NFL, fans should know what it feels like to be counted out of games. That’s how I feel the Washington Redskins are being treated in this game and I’m here to say: Don’t count that team out.

Look, I get it. The KC Chiefs are at home for this one. They’re not only at home, but it’s in PRIMETIME. The last time the Chiefs hosted a Monday Night Football game, Tom Brady got benched and Arrowhead broke the record for loudest outdoor stadium. It was a crazy environment and will be just as crazy (if not crazier) this coming Monday.

The Chiefs are 3-0, but they’ll have their hands full when the Redskins come to Kansas City. I probably wouldn’t have been singing their praises nearly as much had they not just walloped the Oakland Raiders, who the media wouldn’t shut up about before Sunday night.

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With that win, however, I’m officially afraid of the Washington Redskins spoiling the Chiefs’ party on Monday night. As funny as it was seeing them completely embarrass Derek Carr and the Raiders (much like the Chiefs have done since 2015), they have the same tools to do the same thing to the Chiefs.

Kirk Cousins was phenomenal in that game, especially after a slow start to the season. He only had five incompletions on the night and threw for 356 yards and three touchdowns. Yeah, Cousins was en fuego against the Raiders D.

Cousins’ best weapon in that game was running back Chris Thompson, who trounced the Raiders defense. Thompson racked up 38 yards on the ground off of eight carries, but he did the most damage through the air, as he and Cousins connected on six receptions for 150 yards and a touchdown. Holy smokes!

While I believe the Chiefs will win this game, I’m not going to disrespect the Washington Redskins. They just smacked around a team in Kansas City’s division who many thought were shoe-ins to win the AFC West. That’s pretty darn impressive and it’s time to give the Redskins the credit they deserve heading into this match-up.

Monday night should provide for a pretty crazy atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium and hopefully Chiefs Kingdom can get into Washington’s heads and make sure they don’t leave KC with a victory. That’s worked pretty well for us on Monday Night Football in the past.