KC Chiefs: Eagles fan praises Chiefs fans for fun experience at Arrowhead

Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

KC Chiefs fans are some of the most passionate in all of sports and Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best places to watch a football game at. A fan of an opposing team agreed in a thank you letter that he wrote to Chiefs Kingdom.

Most people who follow the NFL know that Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best places to watch a football game at. Obviously the roar of the crowd is unlike any other stadium in the country, but just seeing how passionate Kansas City Chiefs fans are about their team makes it even that more special.

Chiefs fans know that their stadium is one of the best in all of sports. The national media is becoming more and more aware as well, as the Chiefs have several primetime games this year and are a legitimate contender in the AFC.

While Chiefs fans know how great Arrowhead is and what that atmosphere is like, opposing fans might not know about the Sea of Red and just how amazing it truly is. In one of the better feel good stories I’ve heard recently, a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles penned a thank you letter to Chiefs Kingdom after attending the Chiefs/Eagles game this past weekend.

The Eagles fan enjoyed his time at Arrowhead Stadium and wanted to make sure KC Chiefs fans knew that his experience was special. He posted this letter on Chiefs Reddit,

"Sunday was my very first NFL game and I’ve been a lifelong Eagles fan. Going in I was a little nervous about being a visiting fan in such an intimidating environment but it was amazing! There was a surprising amount of Eagles fans there, way more than I expected. Besides a few chirps here and there, which was expected, it’s part of the fun, chiefs fans were extremely welcoming! Even after the game the number of Chiefs fans saying “good game” and “I hope you enjoyed your time at Arrowhead” made the loss just a little bit more bearable. Being a Husker fan and student I was convinced that there was no louder stadium than Memorial Stadium and too say the least, Arrowhead was electric. Unreal, unlike any sporting event I’ve ever been too. I just wanted to come on here and thank you guys so much for making my first NFL game one to remember!"

This is an awesome thing to see from an opposing fan! The writer is from Lincoln, a city that lives and breathes Nebraska Cornhuskers football. Nebraska football IS their NFL team, and believe me, I would know. My mom graduated from the University of Nebraska and Lincoln is like a second home to me. Memorial Stadium is a loud and rocking stadium, even when Nebraska football isn’t all that great, so I’m sure this kid did not expect Arrowhead to even come close to that type of environment.

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For a Lincoln resident and Nebraska fan to say that Arrowhead was unlike any other sporting event he’s been to, that’s a huge compliment. It just shows that the Kansas City Chiefs still have one of the best home field advantages in all of professional sports.

When the team is competitive and gives the fans a fun unit to follow and cheer for, the fan base makes sure to reward them for their efforts. I’ve had some rough experiences at Arrowhead, not going to lie, but these last few years have brought the stadium close to how it used to be in the 1990s.

Perhaps that’s because the Chiefs have been good these past five years (the worst experience I had at the stadium was in 2012 – Go figure) and fans are usually happier when the team is putting a good product on the field. When the team is good, that stadium truly is one of the best home field advantages in all of sports.

My two older brothers and I went to the Christmas night game last season and one of my brothers, who lives in Colorado, couldn’t believe how loud Arrowhead got throughout the night. By the end of the first quarter, he was banging his hands on chairs to make noise just like the rest of us.

Arrowhead is a place like none other, and this fan’s letter brought that to light for those who were unaware. It truly is an experience like none other and I hope any true sports fan who wants to experience it gets that chance someday.