Kansas City Chiefs: AFC West is rocking and rolling after two weeks

( Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
( Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Chiefs fans knew that the AFC West was going to be the toughest division in football again this year, and they’re already getting proof of that. Three teams sit 2-0 on the season so far.

This time last year, most people were probably betting on the Kansas City Chiefs or Denver Broncos to win the AFC West. The Oakland Raiders were a “hot” team, but not everyone thought they were ready to take that next step.

Well, the division came down to the final week of the season with the Chiefs eventually winning the AFC West crown. The Raiders were somewhat screwed out of it with Derek Carr getting injured in week 16. With Carr healthy, Oakland probably doesn’t lose to the Broncos in week 17 and the Chiefs likely don’t get the AFC West title.

Instead, Kansas City went 6-0 in the AFC West and rightfully won the division. We don’t need to talk about what happened next.

After two weeks of play, we’ve seen the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders all go undefeated.

Heading into this year, however, it’s shocking at how little respect the Chiefs were given. The Raiders are getting all of the hype, probably because of their national following, but it’s a little ridiculous honestly.

After two weeks of play, we’ve seen the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders all go undefeated. Sure, it’s just two games, but the AFC West is shaking up to be the best division in football once again.

The Chiefs have beaten the Patriots and the Eagles, the Broncos barely edged out the Chargers, but then creamed the Cowboys, and the Raiders won on the road in Tennessee and against the lowly Jets. With that knowledge, how can anyone say that the Chiefs aren’t the best in the division? Their opponents have been much tougher than the Raiders’ and Broncos’ foes.

I’ll give Denver credit on the Cowboys beatdown because they made Ezekiel Elliott quit and made Dak Prescott look like a fourth round draft pick. Their defense is elite and that has won them a Super Bowl in the past. The problem with the Broncos, however, is that I don’t trust Trevor Siemian to play like that week in and week out.

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Last year the Broncos started the year at 4-0 and then went on to finish the season 5-7 with two of those losses coming at the hands of the Chiefs. Denver crumbled down the stretch last year and it was evident that their defense was going to have to carry them.

As for the Raiders, I’m not on the hype train like everyone else is. Sure, call me a hater, I don’t care, but their defense isn’t anything close to being a solid unit.

Oakland will give the Chiefs a run for their money, but until they can beat the Chiefs, I’m not afraid of them. The Raiders haven’t beaten Kansas City since the 2014 season when Carr was a rookie. They have to get over that hump if they want to win the West.

The Chiefs head to Los Angeles to face the Chargers this week and that’s a team who finds ways to lose football games every week. You’d think with Philip Rivers at the helm, the Chargers would be better, but it’s the same story with them every year.

The AFC West is going to be THE division to watch this year, but as of now, just two weeks into the season albeit, it still belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs.