Kansas City Royals: Third SportsCrate provides decent items

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

For Kansas City Royals fans who have been SportsCrate subscribers this Major League Baseball season, it’s certainly been an uphill battle. The third crate was decent, but overall the subscription has been disappointing.

The third crate via SportsCrate was delivered to my apartment on Thursday. When I got home and saw it outside my door, I eagerly picked it up and couldn’t wait to crack it open and see what was inside! I probably shouldn’t have gotten so excited.

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The theme this month was “Round Tripper”, but I really didn’t understand a lot of the correlations with the items. But hey, there was a t-shirt! That puts away the disappointment that has been  being a subscriber to the KC Royals SportsCrate packages this year.

Now I will say this: There are two cool items in this month’s (well, July’s) crate. Those two items are a t-shirt and a wallet. The rest of the stuff is just meh.

Perhaps I’d have been more excited about the sun visor that goes in your car to block out the sun had SportsCrate sent me one for the right team. Instead, I received a Boston Red Sox “Sun Shade”. Sigh.


If you remember back to June when we got May’s crate, a t-shirt was included in that one, but the design was hideous. I’ve only worn it once actually. This month’s is cooler, but I still would have liked a blue shirt. I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

The front of the shirt has the outline of Missouri on it with the KC Royals logo and the back has an American League logo. Underneath that says, “THE CROWN IS IN TOWN”. Even as an owner of over a dozen Royals shirts, I’m sure I’ll find a day to wear this one in the near future.

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The wallet is the other cool item in this month’s box. It’s a black leather wallet that has a KC printed on one side. I’m not girly, so yes I carry a wallet around, and this one will eventually replace my Batman one that I use at the moment.

Every crate has given subscribers an action figure with the previous two being Danny Duffy and Salvador Perez. This month’s was Eric Hosmer and it came with a little bat and a little glove that you can slide into Hoz’s hands. Action figure Hosmer will find his way to my book shelf where my other Royals bobbleheads and action figures are perched.

Another Topps baseball card was included as well, and as you can probably guess, this month’s was Eric Hosmer. I’ll probably just tack it up on my fridge like the previous two months cards.

Now that I’ve received three crates from SportsCrate, I can safely say that I will not be signing up for next year’s packages. The crates arrive a month late, the items are usually disappointing, and this month I was sent an item for another team. It’s been very cluttered and the service has not impressed me one bit.

What did the rest of the subscribers think? Did you get any wrong team items too?