Kansas City Royals: Second crate from SportsCrate big improvement

Salvador Perez #13 celebrates with Don Wakamatsu #22 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)
Salvador Perez #13 celebrates with Don Wakamatsu #22 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images) /

For fans of the Kansas City Royals, SportsCrate is where it’s at. They provide monthly crates filled with goodies from your favorite MLB team. The second crate was a huge improvement over the first crate.

For those of you who read my content regularly, you’ll know that I was not pleased with the first crate that SportsCrate sent out for the month of May. I said in that post that if crate number two was equally as disappointing, that I’d be unsubscribing.

Fortunately, I will not be doing that, as the second crate was a delight! The biggest knock on it was that it arrived on my doorstep on July 10th. Crates are supposed to arrive within the month, but SportsCrate had sent out emails to their subscribers alerting us of the delay.

I don’t like embedding my own tweets in my articles, but for the sake of this article, it was just easiest to share my own picture of the recent crate. And yes, I have a very colorful bed spread.

Inside crate number two (in which the theme was “Behind the Dish”):

  • Giant Royals “Homestand” flag
  • Oven mitt shaped like a baseball glove
  • Two can openers/coasters
  • Two shot glasses
  • Salvador Perez baseball card
  • Salvador Perez action figure (with catcher’s mask that you can apply/remove)

The first thing I looked at was the oven mitt, which I really thought was a clever idea. I like that this is something I’ll use on a frequent basis. The can openers double as coasters, which is a cool kitchen item to have as well. I can definitely see myself cracking open a beer and then using the same can opener to set it down on.

The shot glasses are nice additions as well, but I’ll likely have them more for decoration than drinking shots out of, as I haven’t done shots in several years (my college graduation was wild).

The two Salvador Perez items were a nice addition. The baseball card will join my Danny Duffy card from the first crate and go up on my refrigerator and the action figure isn’t horrifying like the Danny Duffy one from a month ago.

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Last, but not least, the giant Kansas City Royals “Homestand” flag was a nice finishing touch on this crate. I have a lot of Royals flags hung up in my apartment already, but this one will definitely be finding its way up on the wall somewhere.

After a disappointing first crate, I’m so glad to see that SportsCrate heard subscribers’ complaints and upped the ante on crate number two. These items will be things that I can actually use and enjoy unlike the first crate.

My biggest complaint with the first crate was that the items looked like rejected promotional items for Kauffman Stadium. This crate consists of things that I could actually see being distributed at Royals games and yet only SportsCrate subscribers can get their hands on them, which makes the subscription worth it.

For those of you interested in signing up, here is SportsCrate’s website.

Hopefully the third crate of the 2017 season will arrive on time and will be even cooler than this one!