Kansas City Chiefs: Is Chiefs general manager job an appealing position

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs are still searching for their next general manager after firing John Dorsey last week. Is the position of Chiefs general manager an appealing one?

After four straight winning seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to part ways with John Dorsey. Dorsey had an eye for talent, drafting guys like Chris Jones, Travis Kelce, and Marcus Peters during his time in Kansas City. Dorsey’s talent evaluation skills probably isn’t what got him fired, but rather a slew of things.

With all of the Dorsey drama slowly drifting to the rearview mirror, is the position of Chiefs general manager an appealing one for NFL personnel? Personally, I’d think it would be.

Many seem to think that the KC Chiefs have one of the best 53-man rosters in all of the NFL. Bleacher Report put out a list last summer and ranked them fifth in all NFL rosters heading into the 2016 season.

If [the Chiefs] were such a fantastic organization, then they wouldn’t have canned their general manager in June.

Being a new GM and having that talent laid out in front of you would be a nice perk to have. The Chiefs also have done the stressful part of drafting their hopeful franchise quarterback, which they did in April when they traded up to get Patrick Mahomes.

Now the new GM will only have to worry about the quarterback position if Mahomes doesn’t pan out. The groundwork is there for the future of the Kansas City Chiefs, which to me, would make this seem like an appealing job.

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On the other hand, the Chiefs have looked dysfunctional this offseason. From the miscommunications before finally inking Eric Berry to a long-term contract to cutting Jamaal Charles to the shocking dismissals of both Jeremy Maclin and Dorsey, the Chiefs have made the news frequently this summer, and mostly for negative storylines.

Those headlines could be what scares potential hires from committing to this job. Who would want to leave their current situation in the middle of the offseason to go help out a front office who is currently in rebuild mode?

Andy Reid adds another element to this, as he’s clearly one of the head honchos at One Arrowhead Drive. Whether Reid played a part in Dorsey getting axed or not, there’s no question that decisions aren’t passed by Reid before they’re approved. A new general manager might not want to have to share the spotlight with the head coach, and that’s more than likely what he’d be doing in Kansas City.

While we’re all biased and think that this Kansas City Chiefs GM job is a fantastic one due to the talent of the team, it’s likely a lot more complicated than that. If they were such a fantastic organization, then they wouldn’t have canned their general manager in June. That’s the pressing issue here, and a concerning one for sure.