Kansas Jayhawks: Why Kansas fans still hate Missouri

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 29: Center Ryan Cantrell
KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 29: Center Ryan Cantrell /

The Kansas Jayhawks still sit in the Big 12 Conference, even after the Missouri Tigers departed for the SEC. Years after the Tigers ran off with their tails between their legs, KU fans still loathe MU and their fan base.

As a loyal fan of the Kansas Jayhawks, I have seen some of the greatest Border Showdown matchups of the entire series. Along with these great matchups, I also saw the conclusion of the rivalry in 2012.

The conclusion of the Border Showdown was a pitiful sight when it happened. It was pitiful that the Kansas Jayhawks decided to end it. It was also pitiful to see the Missouri Tigers cause the conclusion of the rivalry. Bill Self had sound reasoning for his discontinuation of the Border Showdown, no matter what MU fans say.

Fans of the Missouri Tigers may say that the move to the SEC was a beneficial decision towards the progress of their football program and MU in general. Yeah, that would be a hard case to sell today. MU Football has seen sub par performances in the SEC and their basketball team has been a joke up to this point.

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The future may be looking brighter for the Missouri Tigers now on the court, but the desertion of the Big 12 to the SEC still stings.

Bill Self had good reasoning for his decision. That was five years ago though. I do not know about the KU fan base as a whole, but I for one have a conditional hate for the Missouri Tigers.

Tiger fans always seem to be running their mouths yet they have ZERO titles to show for it. Their football team doesn’t have a title (yet that’s where they always tried to “shut us up”) and their basketball team has been a disaster these past few years.

My hatred for Mizzou is like an off and on switch. I cannot stand the fans and players of the Missouri Tigers, but honestly… It’s only when Kansas is playing them.

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For example, when I heard about Missouri’s recent gains in recruiting and head coach pickup in basketball, I could only be impressed. Mizzou hoops is heading in the right direction, and that is coming from me, a hardcore Jayhawk fan.

So I have a request to Bill Self. The Border Showdown needs to be brought back… period. The petty arguments and fights about who is really at fault for ending it must end. That should no longer matter. Missouri wants to play us again and has that as a main priority on the table. Not only will the Border Showdown bring publicity and appeal, but it can bring back a beloved matchup.

The Border Showdown used to be staple of the Big 12 Conference. Now, it remains in the remnants of what the Big 12 once was. When Bill Self decided to end the Border Showdown the only thing I could think of was that it was a mistake.

Instead of trying to teach Missouri a lesson and provoke a return to the Big 12, it only worsened the state of the Big 12. A beloved rivalry had ended. A Big 12 rivalry that always grabbed headlines and attracted fans of the sport had met its end. Sure it was a dick move for Missouri to try to nail in the coffin on the Big 12, but it was a decision that needed to be perceived as financial.

Apparently, some other Jayhawk fans agree with my desire of the return of the rivalry.

Other Jayhawk fans that I have talked to have said that we do not owe Missouri a rivalry. Yes, we definitely do not owe the Tigers anything after their desertion, but think about the fans here. The Border Showdown was SO much fun. Most likely one of my favorite games of the season other than the postseason, so I NEED that rivalry back.

Do I still hate the Missouri Tigers? Oh, yes. I hated them even more when they left the Big 12, but I hated the end of the Border Showdown even more. The best thing about this rivalry and these schools is that they love to hate each other. The competition of the entire rivalry improved college sports.

So, yes I do hate Missouri, but I also miss the Border Showdown. I doubt Bill Self will ever read this post, but if he does I hope I reach to him about this subject. The postponement of the Border Showdown is old and boring. No one cares about how much you think it is worth of making a message.

I want to hate the Missouri Tigers again like I truly should, in the Border Showdown. In the mean time, however, I’ll still be glad that I’m a Kansas Jayhawks fan. Rock Chalk!