KC Chiefs: Alex Smith Ranked Number 81 on NFL Top 100 Players

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

The NFL Top 100 Players began airing on Monday and the KC Chiefs already have a representative in the first 20 slots. That guy is none other than quarterback Alex Smith, who came in at number 81 on the countdown.

Alex Smith is the hottest topic of conversation in Kansas City. KC Chiefs fans either really like the guy and appreciate what he’s done for the team or they find reasons to complain about him.

The rest of the NFL obviously appreciates Smith, voting him onto the NFL Top 100 Players list, where he came in at number 81. The list was revealed on Monday and Smith was the first (and so far only) Chief to make an appearance.

Oddly enough, Smith was ranked 81st on the list last year, which I really think he should have been a little higher at the time. This year, however, Smith making it all was a surprise to me. While the former number one overall pick for the 49ers threw for a career high in yards with 3,502, he only had 15 touchdown passes and threw eight interceptions.

The 15 touchdowns were the least in Smith’s Chiefs career and the interceptions were the most during his time in Kansas City. To sum up, it wasn’t a tremendous year for Alex, but the Chiefs still managed to go 12-4, win the AFC West, and host a playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium. We all know how that ended, and as former Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel noted in Smith’s intro, Smith has received all of the grief for that game.

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The segment goes on to explain how all Smith does is win, which is true. The Chiefs have won 43 regular season games with Smith as their quarterback in the past four seasons. That’s something any Chiefs fan will gladly take after the nearly bad decade of football we had before he came to town.

Something that did kind of annoy me was A) how Chase Daniel was really the only guy in the segment and B) how everyone mentioned he doesn’t turn the ball over. Smith had some really brutal interceptions this past year. Yes, it’s part of the game and all quarterbacks throw bad picks, but Smith didn’t use to make those throws. Costly interceptions by Smith cost the Chiefs the Buccaneers game and the Titans game.

I’ve been an Alex Smith supporter over the years, but I’m in the boat of that his time is obviously coming to an end here, and I’m okay with that. He’s done what he can do for the Chiefs and that was much needed for this franchise. I don’t want fans to run him out of town because we still need the guy until Patrick Mahomes is ready to play.

Love him or hate him, Alex Smith has made the Kansas City Chiefs a winning organization, and that’s huge for this team and for this fan base.

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