Kansas City Royals Have Become a Power Hitting Team

Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Royals have never been a team known for their power hitting ways, but the 2017 season has been a different story for the boys in blue. They’ve already belted 15 homers this season.

In the past, it was exciting when the KC Royals would hit a home run at Kauffman Stadium, but fans weren’t necessarily disappointed when it didn’t happen. Now, however, this Royals team has become a home run hitting squad and it is a bit of a letdown when someone doesn’t slam one out of the park.

Out of the 15 home runs that the Kansas City Royals have crushed so far this season, ten of them have come from Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez, both of whom have five a piece. Moose is flat out destroying baseballs and while Perez isn’t as disciplined at the plate as some of the other guys, any time he steps up to the plate, a home run is possible.

The other five home runs have come from Brandon Moss (2), Eric Hosmer (1), Cheslor Cuthbert (1), and Raul Mondesi Jr. (1). Two of Moss’ three hits have been home runs, and the designated hitter has had a ton of good fortune when it comes to hitting the long ball at Kauffman Stadium over the years.

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It’s strange really. The Royals have never been a power team since this current regime started doing their thing. The K is a pitcher’s ballpark and it’s tough to be a power team when you play 81 games at a stadium that big.

In the past few seasons, the Royals single home guys and that’s how they scored their runs. They’ve never been a home run team, but 2017 could be the start of a new era for this team when it comes to how their runs are scored.

Moss has always been a productive home run hitter at the plate and while he’s been off to a slow start this season, he’s shown that power is still there. Moss should be able to get to 20 homers on the year.

Don’t forget that Jorge Soler is going to be a power guy in this lineup too. He’ll likely become the every day right fielder once he’s finished with his rehab stint in Omaha and will take over for Paulo Orlando. Soler hit 12 home runs in 227 at bats last season with the Chicago Cubs.

While the K used to hold the Kansas City Royals back from being a true power team, this season could be the outlier to that, as the boys in blue haven’t appeared to have any problems crushing balls out of the park so far this season.