Sporting Kansas City Debuts New Slogan and Primary Kit


Sporting Kansas City sets out at the beginning of each season to galvanize their fan base and get them excited for the upcoming season. Friday was no exception, as Sporting KC unveiled their new primary kit and slogan for the 2017 MLS Season.

The previous slogan of “All For The City” definitely served its purpose in 2016. It was a subtle reminder to the team that their body of work on the field represented Kansas City. It also didn’t hurt matters that it helped to further instill city pride in the fan base when fierce rivals like Houston or Portland came to Children’s Mercy Park.

The New Slogan Is…

Sporting Kansas City‘s slogan for 2017 is “We. Together.”

Building off a feeling of Midwestern values, the campaign serves to highlight the symbiotic relationship between the club and its fans.  It drives home the point that there is no limit to what Sporting KC can accomplish as long as their fans stay behind them.

I consider myself to be a fan of the direction that Sporting KC is taking for the 2017 season in “We. Together.” Yes, the idea behind is very similar to what came before with “All For The City”, but why deviate from your core values of club and city pride?

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As we’ve seen in the past week with “Raised Royal”, the fans are a central part of the campaign. That shows that when it comes to mobilizing fan bases to go to battle for you, arguably no team does it better than Sporting Kansas City.

What Will Sporting KC Sport on the Field?

As is the case with each season, Sporting KC also unveiled a new primary kit on Friday. SKC is on a rotation of updating one kit each season, so next year the team will receive a new secondary kit.  The new primary kit consists of a new Sporting blue jersey with white collar to be paired with white shorts.

I personally preferred the look of the previous kit with “picnic blanket” striping opposed to the new jersey unveiled on Friday. What ruins the look for me is the button-down collar. Adidas and SKC take pride in stating that this has never been implemented on a soccer jersey before. It just screams unnecessary flair to me.

There is one aspect of the new jersey that I cannot complain about. The right sleeve features the phrase “No Other Club” in team captain Matt Besler’s handwriting.

“No Other Club” draws its inspiration from a chant created by the fan base. Truly, there is no greater love letter to a group of fans than to honor them through the team’s jersey.

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Sporting Kansas City’s 2017 season will commence on March 4th on the road against D.C. United. The home opener will be on March 11th against FC Dallas.

What’s your opinion on “We. Together.” and the new primary kit?