Kansas City Chiefs: Marcus Peters Takes Shot at Chiefs on Twitter

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs watched the Super Bowl from home, which is something that the team is used to by this point. Cornerback Marcus Peters, however, appeared to have taken some shots at his team during the Super Bowl.

Early on in the game last night, it looked like the Atlanta Falcons were going to run away with their first Super Bowl title in franchise history. Instead, the New England Patriots were able to gain some momentum and win the game.

The way the Falcons lost was mortifying for any fan. They had a 28-3 lead at one point and went on to lose 34-28 in the Super Bowl’s very first overtime.

Once the Patriots made it a one score game, all the Falcons really had to do was run the ball a few times and then rely on the leg of Matt Bryant to win the game. That’d have made it nearly impossible for New England to have completed a comeback.

As we saw, however, Matt Ryan took a brutal sack that put the Falcons out of field goal range, and the rest is history.

The Falcons letting up off the gas pedal led to a questionable tweet from Marcus Peters, who sent this tweet out shortly before 8:00 central time.

Now, of course, this could obviously very well just have been directed at the Atlanta Falcons for their huge offensive blunders in the second half. Chiefs fans, however, wouldn’t be crazy to think this was a shot at the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Peters has been with the Chiefs for two seasons now and has had his fair share of the team losing big games due to “playing to not make mistakes”. He might not have been on that team that faltered in Indianapolis in 2014, but he was on the teams that played not to lose the last two years.

The “dink and dunk football” part was really what stood out to me, as that’s been Alex Smith‘s motto since coming to Kansas City in 2013. That’s his game plan, and it’s well-known around the entire league. It’s been the KC Chiefs’ down fall in critical situations too.

Something else that’s interesting about all of this is Marcus Peters’ Twitter page itself. Both featured photos on his page are of him in his Washington uniform from his college days. Peters had been kicked off the team during his senior year, so one would think he’d have bad blood for them.

Instead, there’s no mention of him playing for Kansas City. That worries me once Peters’ contract is nearing the end, especially because he’s such a big Oakland guy. Let’s hope the Raiders move to Las Vegas so that’s one less reason for Marcus Peters to potentially leave the Chiefs.

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At the end of the day, this is probably just something that is being made into a big deal because football is now officially over with for the season. It’s still hard to ignore when a big time player on your team is dissing the squad though.

If that’s what this is, this story could turn into a much bigger deal.