KC Chiefs Fans Have Complicated Relationship With Fantasy Football

Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

Being a diehard KC Chiefs fan can make playing fantasy football very frustrating. Fans will find themselves rooting against their own team at times in order for the betterment of their fantasy football squad. It’s insane!

Playing fantasy football can be hard if you are a diehard fan of any particular team.

I was warned that football would never be the same for me if I started playing Fantasy Football, and that is so true. That warning had never really effected me until this year. Let me give you a little background:

I was a latecomer to the fantasy football party, only playing since 2008 (wow, I guess that is close to a decade! Damn I am getting old). I won the Super Bowl my first year out, which was total luck. Drafting a young DeAngelo Williams (20 touchdowns that year) pretty much sealed the deal for me back in the day.

That was the first and last time I won the Super Bowl in my league. The following years haven’t been as kind to me as that magical first year. I actually made it to the big game last season, but lost by less than two points. (Ouch!!)

Like every year, I was hopeful this season would be the “Year of Tom” and after a rocky start, I actually squeaked into the playoffs. I won my game in the first round and I excitedly prepared for the divisional game.

Football will never be the same for you once you start playing fantasy football.

The Sunday evening game was the Broncos Vs my beloved KC Chiefs. At this time, I was up 107 to 100 and I was feeling pretty good.

My opponent actually had the Chiefs defense and special teams unit along with Travis Kelce, while I had Emmanuel Sanders and the Broncos defense and special teams core, which as a lifelong Chiefs fan, was really difficult for me to handle. I had to pick the best available option in my draft slot though, and both Kelce and the Chiefs defense were already taken.

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I will always root for my Kansas City Chiefs, but I was just hoping that the rest of the team would do great and that maybe Kelce would get shut out. That was my only chance to win my game, we all know how that game turned out.

Kelce had arguably the best game of his career with a stat line of 11 receptions for 160 yards and one touchdown that went for 80 freaking yards.  Emmanuel Sanders had only one reception for 26 yards and the Denver D ended up with negative two fantasy points. *Sigh*

A delightful upside was that yes, the Chiefs whooped the Donkeys butts, but man that title would have been nice. So with the monster performances of the Chiefs defense (three forced turnovers, two fumbles and an interception) and Kelce’s monstrous day, I had to swallow another fantasy tearjerker.

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I was so torn. I was ecstatic the Kansas City Chiefs had swept the Broncos for the first time since 2000, but I was also heartbroken that I lost to, by a sick twist of fate, the same team I lost the Super Bowl to last season…”Khan!!!!!!”

In summary if you are a diehard KC Chiefs fan and are thinking about joining a fantasy football league, please heed my warning: Football will never be the same for you once you start playing fantasy football.