Kansas City Chiefs: This 2016 Team is Hard to Read

Kansas City Cheifs corner Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Cheifs corner Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs have walked away with a 2-1 record, but fans have had a tough time deciphering just what kind of team these 2016 Chiefs are.

Rewind back three weeks ago when the KC Chiefs were getting dominated by the San Diego Chargers for most of their season opener.

The Chargers were storming down the field possession after possession, and it was already looking like a long season for Chiefs fans.

We all know what happened next though.

The Chiefs rallied down 28 points to win that game in overtime. It set the tone for the season we thought, but then the Kansas City Chiefs went to Houston and flat out stunk it up against the Texans.

This past weekend, the Chiefs dismantled the New York Jets to the tune of 24-3 and the defense picked Ryan Fitzpatrick off six times. The Chiefs forced two fumbles as well.

So who the heck are the 2016 Kansas City Chiefs?

In just three games, we’ve seen a lot of different types of teams on the gridiron. Let’s remedy that.

There was no offense or no defense against San Diego in week one until the second half (mainly the fourth quarter), which made it look like this team was in the running to be one of the worst teams in all of football.

The fourth quarter of that week one game displayed an unstoppable Chiefs offense and a shutdown defense.

The entire game against the Texans showcased a lack of offensive talent.

Defensive woes arose early in the Texans game, but they settled in and then looked pretty good throughout the rest of the game.

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Offensive woes are still lingering, especially after only scoring one touchdown against New York.

The defense showed up big on Sunday against the Jets, making the Chiefs look like a top five unit in the league.

That’s a lot of different types of teams listed above, and it’s tough to decipher just what kind of team these Chiefs are this year.

We saw Alex Smith go nuts in week one, including his game-winning touchdown rush in overtime. He hasn’t been nearly as electric since then, and the offense really only had that fourth quarter and overtime against the Chargers to hang their hats on. Otherwise, not much to be proud of there.

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The defense has been weird too. They gave up 24 points to San Diego in the first half of the week one affair, but since then, have only given up one touchdown. They’ve been pretty dang good, but is this going to be the same defense week in and week out?

What do you make of this Kansas City Chiefs team so far? Are they a poor offensive unit? Are they one of the best defenses in the NFL? Can they be a playoff contender?