Kansas City Royals Need To Sell

Kansas City Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s time for the Kansas City Royals to sell before the non-waiver trade deadline on August 1st. The Royals have players with value other teams have interest in that will become free agents after this season. Time to get something for them before they leave.

Not all players want to leave the Kansas City Royals organization. In fact, some would like to stay if the price is right. One of the many players who would like to stay is, Edinson Volquez.

The quote (added below) from “Steady Eddie” says a lot with a little. I’m not sure if “Nobody” wants to be traded. I’m pretty sure Chris Sale of the White Sox wouldn’t mind being traded to a contending team right about now. Maybe Volquez was referring to Royals players only.

Another interesting thing he points out is chemistry. The chemistry word gets tossed out there a lot. It does seem like the Kansas City Royals are a tight group of guys similar to brothers. This may or may not play a major part to the team’s success.

The point is he would like to stay with the Kansas City Royals if the team, his agents and himself can come to a mutual agreement on a deal. This is good and possibly bad for Kansas City.

Volquez isn’t getting any younger. He’s 33-years-old and has pitched in the big leagues for nearly 12 seasons. That’s a lot of mileage on Volquez’s arm. Injuries could be an issue going forward due to his age if he signs a long-term deal in Kansas City.

Volquez has been steady recently. He’s earned runs have gone down ever since July 4th. On Independence Day, he allowed four earned runs against the Toronto Blue Jays. Then he gave up three, two and one the next three outing respectively.

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His seasonal earned run average went from a season high 5.15 to a respectable 4.56 from June 24th to July 24th. With his numbers trending in the right direction, playoff contending teams have checked in on Volquez’s availability.

Edinson Volquez is familiar with the Rangers organization. He played for Texas from 2005 through 2007. He got signed as an amateur free agent by the Texas Rangers in 2001.

The Kansas City Royals might be willing to trade Volquez if the team can get a player that can help the team win next season.

Joey Gallo could he a guy the Royals go after. He’s a third baseman/outfield prospect for the Rangers. He’s had his ups and downs lately. Last season, he slashed .314/.425/.636 for AA Frisco in 34 games. This year at AAA Round Rock he’s slashed .246/.381/.557 in 70 games.

The on base percentage and power numbers are impressive but his batting average could improve a bit. The good news is Gallo is only 22-years-old. He can improve given the chance at developing more. It might not hurt him to get another opinion from a new batting coach either.

In 70 games played for Round Rock this season, Gallo’s smashed 19 home runs. He’s also added five triples and nine doubles as well. The Kansas City Royals need offense and a power outfielder. If Texas can offer him, I say make the deal.

Other Kansas City Royals players teams could have interest in are Luke Hochevar and Kendrys Morales. Both men become free agents after this season just like Volquez. They both have something left to give a team.

The Boston Red Sox may have had interest in acquiring Hochevar in exchange for struggling starting pitcher, Clay Buchholz. This would have been a horrible deal for the Royals. Buchholz has given up a lot of home runs and currently possesses a 6.06 ERA for the Red Sox. He got so bad, Boston had to send him to the bullpen twice this season.

After an extremely slow start to the 2016 season, Kendrys Morales stepped up big time. On May 29th, Morales slashed .185/.253/.310 the lowest point of his career. Now his slash numbers look more respectable at .251/.319/.440 for the designated hitter/first baseman.

If a team is looking for a switch hitter who possesses power from both sides of the plate, Morales could be that guy. He can even fill in at right-field in a small national league park like he did in St.Louis this season for the Royals.

The list of possible trade worthy players doesn’t stop there for the Kansas City Royals. The Royals may have tossed Wade Davis‘ name on the trading block just to see what kind of offers could be had for the elite closer.

There are plenty of teams that would like to have Wade Davis close for them. One team specifically are the Washington Nationals. Unfortunately for them and many others, it seems the Royals asking is too high.

Here’s an example of the asking price thanks to ESPN’s insider, Jayson Stark.

If the Nationals were to trade for Davis it will take a lot of talent. I think the Kansas City Royals should ask for top pitching prospect, Lucas Giolito and hitting prospect Trea Turner in return for Davis.

This sounds like a lot to ask for but it’s not. Unlike Chapman, Davis has one more year of control after this season. Davis has also been the better closer numbers wise for the past couple of years. Davis’s ERA this season is 1.10. He’s got a strikeout to walk ratio at 2.58, a WHIP of 0.980 and 8.5 strikeouts per nine.

It’s said that both Giolito and Turner are major league ready. Both guys are young. Giolito is 22 and Turner is 23-years-old. Those are the kinds of guys the Royals can win with next year and years to come. Kansas City is in desperate need of offense and starting pitching. Those guys would bring both with youth and awesome rookie contracts.

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Giolito had a 3.17 ERA for AA Harrisburg with 9.1 strikeouts per nine. He gave up a few walks accumulating 4.3 walks per nine. The young man has the gift to throw the baseball 100 mile per hour. The Royals would love a guy like him.

Trea Turner looks like a lead off hitter. The second baseman/shortstop slashed .302/.370/.471 for the AAA Syracuse team. Turner also played in 11 big league games for the Nationals this season. In 43 at bats, Turner slashed .279/.326/.442.

Turner has the speed the Royals love. He stole 25 bases in AAA this season. He also raked up six homers, eight triples and 22 doubles in 83 games played. Now that’s talent.

The Kansas City Royals could use a consistent bat at second base. The team has gone through four different second basemen this season alone. They are: Omar Infante, Christian Colon, Whit Merrifield and Raul Mondesi Jr.

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The Royals might not pull off a massive trade before the deadline but they have the players to make a deal. It doesn’t look like this team has the guys to make another playoff push. Injuries have derailed the season for the Royals. It’s time for Kansas City to look forward to 2017 and beyond and it starts this week.