Kansas City Royals: Case for Best Fans In Baseball


The Kansas City Royals have been propelled into the spotlight over the past few seasons, and now ESPN says there’s a strong case for their fan base as the best in all of baseball.

Just a few years ago, if you asked anyone in Kansas City who their favorite baseball team was, they’d likely hesitate before answering with the Kansas City Royals.

That’s because for close to three decades, this town really didn’t have a baseball team to root for. The Royals were so terrible for so long, but as we all know, Kansas City natives love their sports, so therefore, they loved their Royals.

Now that the Royals have become winners, however, the fan base has grown and no longer are people embarrassed to admit that they root for the KC Royals.

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David Schoenfield of ESPN has noticed the diehards emerging from Kansas City, and has stated that the Royals have a case for the best fans in baseball.

"it’s arguably flourishing the most in Kansas City, where back-to-back World Series appearances have energized a fan base that lay dormant for two decades.The Royals rank 11th in the majors in attendance, and though they’re not drawing bigger crowds than last year, they’re still up more 11,000 fans per game from 2013. They’re so popular in the region that delegates from Kansas at the Republic National Convention proudly wore Royals T-shirts on Tuesday and claimed the Royals, even though they play in Missouri."

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Schoenfield went on to mention before getting to the Royals, that fans don’t really seem to like watching baseball when it’s not their team on the diamond. He posted quotes regarding the Royals having some of the highest ratings in primetime in Kansas City, and really just raved about how the fan base has come out of the wood work.

While I agree that Kansas City sports fans are passionate, I don’t think I’d call Royals fans the best in the major leagues. The team has benefitted (and deservedly so) from three straight winning seasons, but if the Royals begin to tank again, it’ll be the same way it was for 28 years. No winning baseball and no one at the ball park.

Still though, it’s impressive what the Royals and the people of Kansas City have accomplished when it comes to baseball. The Royals made baseball relevant again in Kansas City, and Kansas City continues to encourage the boys in blue on, all the way to a World Series title in 2015.

Also, did you see that friggin’ parade? My oh my.

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Obviously we’re all a bit biased, but what are some other MLB franchises that could have the best fans in the sport?