Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid Ranked as Top Ten Coach


The Kansas City Chiefs hired Andy Reid to be the head coach of their football team after the 2012 season. Reid has led the Chiefs to three winning seasons during his tenure and NFL.com recently ranked him as one of the best coaches in the NFL.

It wasn’t too long ago when the Kansas City Chiefs were relying on guys like Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel to coach their team. Those teams (minus the 2010 team, which won the AFC West) weren’t successful and only saw the playoffs one time.

In just three seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid has led them to three straight winning seasons, two playoff appearances, and a playoff victory. Not bad at all.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com recognizes how good of a coach Reid is, and recently ranked him sixth on his list of NFL coach power rankings.

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"Reid has been at it so long that it’s easy to take his career for granted. He’s just kind of there for some fans, until someone blows up his clock management on Twitter. OK, maybe he’s had one (or 28) foul-ups in that area. Yet, Reid has also been to a Super Bowl, five conference championships and 11 postseasons. He’s also 51 games over .500 during his career. I’d say that is successful."

Now of course, most will say Reid had the most success while coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, and I would agree. The difference is that he’s yet to post a losing season while wearing Chiefs red on the sidelines.

The biggest problem for Reid, and Harrison touched on it in his summary, is that he’s not the best with time management. We all saw this first hand in the AFC Divisional game against New England, and it wasn’t pretty.

If Reid could patch up the time management issues, most NFL fans would probably rank him as one of the top five coaches in the entire National Football League.

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The missing piece for Andy Reid is that he has yet to lead a team to a Super Bowl title. He took the Eagles there in 2004, but they fell to the Patriots in a close game.

The rest of the rankings weren’t too crazy. Bill Belichick took the top spot, to the surprise of no one. Pete Carroll came in at number two, Mike McCarthy was third, Mike Tomlin fourth, and Bruce Arians rounded out the top five.

The lower ranked guys were the new head coaches, including former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, who was hired to coach Reid’s old team in Philadelphia this past offseason.

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While Chiefs fans might not like some of the decisions Andy Reid makes during games, he’s proven to be one of the best head coaches this organization has seen. In three seasons, he has a 31-17 record and an overall coaching record of 161-110.

Where would Andy Reid rank for you when it comes to NFL head coaches?