Kansas City Chiefs Should Not Sign Robert Griffin III


Free agency is right around the corner for the Kansas City Chiefs. Should they look to sign one of the biggest names on the market in Robert Griffin III?

RG3 was one of the hottest names of the 2012 draft and he’s also one of the biggest busts in recent history. Of course, no one is as bad as Johnny Manziel, but Robert Griffin III comes in a close second.

After another horrible season, Robert Griffin III is pretty much confirmed to be looking for a new team in 2016, and has been linked with the KC Chiefs on a few occasions. Kansas City is not the best place for him to sign.

Yes, Kansas City is now in the need of a new back-up quarterback, as Chase Daniel is slated to hit the free agent market. The Chiefs still have options though at backup.

The Chiefs currently have two guys that could handle the backup job. Georgia product Aaron Murray, and developmental quarterback Tyler Bray. These are options that will not cost the Chiefs more money. With the extra money the Chiefs can focus on free agents like Sean Smith, Eric Berry, and Derrick Johnson.

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In regards to fitting in to the Chiefs West-Coast offense, RG3 would be a perfect fit. All that the system in asks is for the quarterback to hand off the ball to the running back, and be able to make short to medium passes. RG3 would have no problem doing this.

The issue with RG3 is that he has poor footwork skills, which would limit him maneuvering inside the pocket. Scrambling is a skill that Griffin possesses, but if he is not able to get out of the pocket to get to the open field, then his scrambling skills are useless.

Robert Griffin III also has shown that he has a lot of trouble throwing the deep ball and also his accuracy has proven to not be one of his strongest points.

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Kansas City is in need of a backup that can come in and help the team win the game and see little to no drop off in on-field performance. Kansas City was spoiled with former Missouri standout Chase Daniel, who started two games as a Chief.

RG3 will be a good player for a team in 2016, but I don’t believe that Kansas City will be that team. Between the fact that Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray need to step up in to the back-up role and it’s a little worrisome that he had issues with his coaches and his teammates. The guy was a former second overall pick and was benched for the entire 2015 season.

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This is a guy that the Kansas City Chiefs need to stay away from. They’re just fine with Alex Smith, Aaron Murray, and Tyler Bray for the time being.