KC Chiefs: The Return Of The Dwayne Bowe Show


Sunday marks the first time that wide receiver Dwayne Bowe will play in Arrowhead Stadium with a team other than the KC Chiefs.

Player A: 5 catches, 53 yards, 0 touchdowns

Player B: 6 catches, 87 yards, 0 touchdowns

Player A is a former first round pick that will make over $6 million this season while Player B is a rookie fifth round pick earning just over $500k. Player A, Dwayne Bowe, is the recent addition to the Cleveland Browns’ list of depressing players, while Player B, James O’Shaughnessy, is a young player that has yet to tap into his potential.

Welcome to the Dwayne Bowe Show.

Like many (TV) shows, The Dwayne Bowe Show has had its fair share of quality seasons, but is more-so remembered for the past couple of disappointing seasons.

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“The Show” got off to a good start. While it is arguable if the first three seasons lived up to the first round billing, Bowe was a serviceable wide receiver for this football team. He was never expected to be the team’s main weapon, as the Chiefs had talented running backs in Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

In 2007 and 2008, Bowe’s first two seasons, he averaged over 1000 yards and six touchdowns. Those are decent numbers, but not what you are looking for out of a first-round pick. For reference, Jermey Maclin has nearly matched those numbers, with at least two games left to play (985 yards and six touchdowns).

In 2009, the team started to sink, as did Bowe’s statistics.

Bowe recorded less than 600 receiving yards and only four touchdowns that year, and was also suspended for four games during the season for use of a banned substance. The Chiefs won only four games, earning a top five pick in the following year’s draft.

When you look at some of the names in the prestigious group, it becomes even more obvious that Dwayne Bowe is not anywhere near their level of talent or impact to this franchise.

Bowe appeared to have turned his career around in 2010. By far his best season as a Chief, Bowe posted career-highs in receiving yards at 1162 and touchdowns at 15. A Pro Bowl appearance and an second-team All-Pro selection appeared to earn Bowe a place among the top receivers in the league.

Bowe’s success proved to be unsustainable though. He returned to averaging around 800 yards and four touchdowns over the 2011-2013 seasons. The Chiefs even signed Bowe to an extension in 2013, as they hoped he could return to his 2010 form.

The beginning of the end for Bowe occurred in November 2013, when he was arrested in Riverside, Missouri for speeding and possession of marijuana. Bowe would miss the first game of the 2014, and would not catch a touchdown the entire season. He was cut shortly after the signing of Jeremy Maclin in March 2015.

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Many argue whether that 2010 season, plus his Chiefs career as a whole, should earn him a spot in the Chiefs Hall of Fame, and I would agree. I believe that he should be part of the Chiefs Hall of Fame.

When you look at some of the names in the prestigious group, it becomes even more obvious that Dwayne Bowe is not anywhere near their level of talent or impact to this franchise.

As the Chiefs prepare to host the Browns, Bowe is preparing for a game he has been looking forward to since the day he signed with the Browns.

Yes, check that date, Dwayne Bowe. He may not see the field all game, but that is the day the Dwayne Bowe Show makes its return to Arrowhead Stadium.

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Do you think Dwayne Bowe deserves a spot in the Chiefs Hall of Fame?