KC Royals News: Yordano Ventura and All-Star Game Voting


KC Royals news continues to surround the MLB All-Star Game voting, where the boys in blue currently have eight players lined up to start in the big game. News also focuses around talented young pitcher Yordano Ventura, who was recently put on the 15-day disabled list.

Despite scoring a lot of runs and sweeping the Milwaukee Brewers in a four game series, the KC Royals had some rough news this week. They also had some rather good news, as it turns out that eight of their players are currently in line to start the MLB All-Star Game in July.

If the voting ended today, the only Royal who wouldn’t be a starter would be right fielder Alex Rios, and that’s likely because he was out for over a month due to a hand injury he sustained in the second week of the season. Yes, Rios is the only player not in line to start, meaning that second baseman Omar Infante did indeed pass Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

Anyone who isn’t a Kansas City Royals fan isn’t too excited about the Royals dominating the polls, but hey. They shouldn’t blame the Royals fans, they should blame the system. If they want their team in it, they can get out and vote 35 times a day (from one email) also. It’s not like it’s just limited to Kansas City fans.

Some of the sour news for the Royals came on Thursday when it was announced that Yordano Ventura would be put on the 15-day disabled list. Ventura has left his last two games after only three innings, and his most recent one was due to numbness in his fingers. Ned Yost kept insisting that Ventura would be good to go, and his start was pushed back to Friday, but then lo and behold, Ventura is now on the DL.

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They shouldn’t blame the Royals fans, they should blame the system. If they want their team in it, they can get out and vote 35 times a day (from one email) also. It’s not like it’s just limited to Kansas City fans.

"The KC Royals have the best record in the American League and are 10 games over .500. Last year, the Royals’ success was in large part because of the lights out starting rotation. This year has been a different story though."

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"In 58 games this season, Moose is hitting .326/.382/.469. He has 73 hits, 12 doubles, and six home runs. That’s about half of his 2014 output and it’s only June. He has 54 singles; he had 60 singles in 140 games last season."

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"So while Lorenzo Cain had an undeniably fine 2014 season for the Kansas City Royals, many analysts expected his offensive value to “regress to the mean” in 2015 due to his unusually-high batting average balls in play (BABIP) of .380. They regarded Cain as something of a one-year wonder."

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"After a return to the World Series last year, Royals fans are making a stand in 2015 and Major League Baseball provided us with the perfect outlet. The All-Star Game voting results, show that not only is the team back, but the fans are back, too. And they’re out in force. Voting, for the first time ever, is done entirely online this year and fans can vote up to 35 times per email address, so every fanbase has equal opportunity to support their favorite players. But Royals fans are doing so more than any others."

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"While Francona credits Kansas City fans for backing their team with their perfectly legal ballot box stuffing campaign, the fact the All-Star game is supposedly being played for serious stakes — home-field advantage in the World Series — raises questions about whether the system needs some tweaking."

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"Ventura, 3-6 with a 4.68 ERA in 12 starts, left his June 12 outing with weakness and numbness in his right hand and fingers, then experienced hand cramps after a bullpen session Wednesday."

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