KC Chiefs News: Player Roles and Upcoming Season


KC Chiefs news lately surrounds the upcoming season and what type of roles other players on the team can play. 

The KC Chiefs have a talented roster headed into the 2015 season, there’s no doubt about that. The team can hopefully find roles for some of the players with question marks next to their names in order to push this team from good to great and to playoff worthy.

Some of the players that don’t have a set role yet are guys like Dee Ford and De’Anthony Thomas, both of whom have been the topic of conversation around the web. Both were 2014 draft picks: Ford in the first round (23rd overall) and Thomas in the fourth round.

Here’s what’s going on around Fansided.com.

Kansas City Chiefs Must Find Ways to Include Dee Ford [NFL Spin Zone]

"The key for the Chiefs with Ford is to get him on to the field in as many pass rushing situations as possible. If that means moving him inside to rush the passer while Houston and Hali rush from the outside, so be it. That trio has the potential to be absolutely dominating for the Chiefs."

Kansas City Chiefs Must Find a Role for De’Anthony Thomas [NFL Spin Zone]

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"Going forward, I would like to see the Chiefs get Thomas more involved with the offense. He clearly has a special skill-set that will allow for some explosive plays if given enough opportunity. The jet sweeps are potentially dangerous plays, and there are many fakes that they could use to make Thomas a decoy as well."

Kansas City Chiefs: Is Alex Smith A Top 10 Quarterback [KC Kingdom]

"The past two seasons it’s been “We don’t have any receivers” or “The offensive line sucks”, but with those two areas fixed, it’s all on Alex Smith now to show what he can do and lead the Kansas City Chiefs to their first playoff win since 1994."

Kansas City Chiefs: Top 10 players in 2015 [Arrowhead Addict]

"Looking at the roster, it is apparent that Kansas City is not only deep, but loaded with stars at multiple positions. The Chiefs have ample talent on both sides of the ball, a stark difference from only three years ago."

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Five contenders for Kansas City Chiefs center competition [Arrowhead Pride]

"The Chiefs may not necessarily be looking at each of these players exclusively as a center. They list each of these players as a center on their roster but we know that the Chiefs don’t have a problem moving players around."

Hell, yes, Eric Berry can beat cancer – and this Chiefs rookie is living proof [Fox Sports]

"Before Cook joined the Chiefs as a priority free agent, before he caught 21 touchdowns in 33 games at Gardner-Webb (N.C.) University, Cook stared down Hodgkin lymphoma — Berry was diagnosed with the same cancer of the immune system last fall — and got that bad boy to blink first."

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