KC Royals: Kansas City Fans Loved Bruce Chen


The KC Royals were just one of 11 teams Bruce Chen played for during his 17-year MLB career. He arguably had his best years however playing in Kansas City, and the fans showed their appreciation when he announced his retirement Sunday via Twitter, and followed up with a “special thanks” to the ball clubs that employed him.

He pitched seven seasons in Kansas City, longer than any other team, and had 47 of his 82 career victories there. Although he wasn’t extremely successful (his best season in KC was 2011 when he was 12-8 with a 3.77 ERA), he was beloved by many as a jokester and overall good person. Take a look at what some in KC had to say when they heard the news.

Chen showed his love for Kansas City earlier in the season.

It’s clear there is a lot of love between Chen and Kansas City, and he will be forever remember as a guy who worked hard, pitched well and respected the game, even by a team he only had two disastrous starts for earlier this season. He was quirky, funny and always joking around.

It’s fitting that another obscure detail of his career is that he was the second-to-last former Montreal Expo to still be playing in the Big Leagues (Bartolo Colon remains the only one).

He also can claim to have finished tied for first in the Major Leagues in one category: games started in 2012 with 34. He won’t be remembered however so much for his stats as he will for his personality.

It was a bummer for fans (and surely Bruce), that he was cut just prior to the team making a World Series run last year. For a guy to battle as hard as he did through multiple minor league stints during his time in Kansas City, to not play a part in the last months of that amazing season, didn’t seem right.

So, the Royals did something about it.

It was pretty cool that Chen was able to come back to Opening Day at Kauffman Stadium and accept the ring. He may not have been a part of the postseason run, but make no doubt he played a role in the success of that 2014 club.

Now, the guy who Will Ferrell once heckled, can ride off in to the sunset knowing he not only contributed to the game, but left a respected member of it.

Kansas City fans should be glad he was a part of the Royals organizations, and judging by their response to his retirement, they certainly are.

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