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There was plenty of Kansas City Royals news the past few days. Rain wreaked the getaway day schedule of the Royals and Cleveland Indians by delaying the start time by almost two and a half hours, but really that was but a blip.

Luke Hochevar returned to the active roster after taking 2014 off because of Tommy John surgery.

The KC Royals also acquired catcher Drew Butera, who will replace back-up catcher Eric Kratz, who made his way to the Disabled List. The Royals gave up minor league infielder Ryan Jackson to the Angels for Butera. Heck, someone has to caddie for Salvador Perez!

Last October was supposed to have been a fluke for the Kansas City Royals. Someone should apologize for that not being the case. Finally, someone does!

No one knows yet if Bubba Starling is a bust, or if he will finally become the major league player the KC Royals hope he will be. Still, fans are interested in his development.

The Royals lost some key components from their World Series roster this past off-season. Their replacements are holding up pretty well in most cases.

Salvador Perez is starting to make a mark for himself around baseball as an elite Major League catcher for the Kansas City Royals. We suspected as much!

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"I know teams like Oakland, Minnesota, the White Sox, and Cleveland all tried their best to injure or jostle the egos of our young talent in a half-hearted attempt at leveling the playing field.  Alex Rios sure was on a hot streak in the first week of the season, so breaking his hand was a cheap, but altogether successful tactic at removing his much needed defensive and offensive skills.  But, yet again, I must extend my sympathies. How could all of you have known about Paulo Orlando, the once permanent minor leaguer? How could you foresee his five triple April?"

Salvador Perez Is Among Baseball’s Elite [Call To The Pen]

"Perez is in good company, so far this season he’s caught nine runners stealing, and has a caught-stealing percentage of 75%. Now, that will almost certainly go down, but he has shown flashes of greatness over the last three seasons."

KC Royals: Luke Hochevar Rejoins Team [KC Kingdom]

"…Hochevar’s role will be a little bit limited to start since he did struggle at times during his rehab assignment…"

Kansas City Royals Acquire Catcher Drew Butera [Kings of Kauffman]

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Watching Bubba Starling [Royals Review]

"I remember seeing Eric Hosmer in AA a few years ago, and seeing him rip the cover off the ball in a near-literal sense was absolutely amazing. Starling struck me in much the same way. His physical build is that of an athlete."

Number Munchers – Hi, We’re the Replacements! – The Results So Far [Royals Blue]

"Through exactly 1/6th of the 2015 season, #GMDM is “winning” this admittedly ridiculous exercise 2-1. Even more so, we are seeing the more under-the-radar moves he made paying off significantly."

Royals Will Have Options To Improve Rotation [Pine Tar Press]

"The starting rotation has been less than impressive this season. Okay, that might be too kind. Regardless of how you want to characterize the unit, they need to be better."

Hope everyone was able to catch up on your Kansas City Royals news this morning. Have a great day!

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