Kansas City Chiefs: Five Facts About the First Five Picks

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Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Ramik Wilson – Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Ramik Wilson, Georgia

Selection: Round 4, No. 118 overall

Position: ILB

Height/Weight: 6-2, 237-pounds

2014 College stats: 110 total tackles; two sacks; seven tackles for a loss; two forced fumbles

What you didn’t know: Wilson’s  Georgia Bulldog teammates speak highly of him. He is well-liked, and while that can only get you so far, coupled with being named to the All-SEC, First-Team in 2013 and registering 243 tackles the past two years is nothing to look past.

His humble nature may have stemmed from a tragic personal loss early in his Bulldog career, when Wilson’s father Robert died of heart failure. In a 2014 article from onlineathens.com, Fletcher Page reported that the team’s Chaplain Thomas Settles and director of player development John Eason, helped Wilson get through his loss and became mentors for him. While his teammates where there for support as well, many said it was the humble Wilson who actually helped them. From Page’s article.

"“The situation that happened to his family, he’s grown from that and learned and has been a helping hand for all of us,” senior safety Corey Moore. “He does so much positive things and he inspires so many people around here.”"

Wilson seemed to channel his grief by keeping a strong relationship with his mother Regina, and excelling on the football field. As Page said, Wilson’s to-the-point answers and overall quite nature in front of the media aren’t a sign of him being rude. Instead, they are a by product of being humble, and grounded, after experiencing something far more important than any football game.

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