Kansas City Royals: Hot Start Is No Fluke

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Kansas City Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain (6) and designated hitter Kendrys Morales (25) –  Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As noted by ESPN, the bullpen has yet to yield a run, and their batters have worn the baseball 12 times this year (one of those led to Rios’ trip to the DL). They have been hit by a pitch 1.71 times per game. The Rangers are second at 1.38 per game, while the Rockies and Astros have avoided bean balls all together.

That might make a team a little cranky. Even if the rest of baseball is not against the Royals, they seem to be adopting that attitude, and it should work. It was the case last year in the postseason, when everyone wrote them off as a cute little story before Shields even toed the rubber for the Wild Card game against Oakland.

Anyone who follows the Royals even remotely close knew after the opening series last week against the White Sox this team is different.

It wouldn’t make sense for a national “expert” who doesn’t follow the team closely to start predicting a championship after three games. For those who listen, talk, watch, and read about the Royals, however, know better.

It may have been the power surge (five homers in three games after one in their first 11 last year), the new additions bringing some veteran confidence, or the fact that it appears the game is over after six innings.

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The locals who know this team aren’t silly enough to guarantee a World Series, but they also know Kansas City is as good a pick as any.

Mike Wilbon seems to feel the same way.

On yesterday’s Pardon the Interruption the ESPN analyst gave props to Kansas City when talking about the 7-0 start saying: “All the knuckle heads who said last year was a fluke, can pipe down.”

What he said.

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