KC Kingdom Editorial: Should MLB Lift Ban on Pete Rose

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This is a unique circumstances where if the Commissioner does what is in the best interest of the game, the lifetime ban is upheld.  If the Baseball Writer’s Association does what is in the best interest of the game, from their standpoint, Rose would be up for election in the next class.

It’s not the contradiction many might claim.  One really has nothing to do with the other.  And if the Baseball Writer’s Association only wants to induct good players who were also choir boys, they’re going to have to revisit a fair number of their inductees beyond just Ty Cobb.

Trust me when I tell you that Rose being banned from baseball for life is plenty punishment enough.  I’d be willing to bet (no pun intended), that Rose would much rather have the ban lifted, allowing him to coach, scout, or work in a front office in some capacity, than be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Rose doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that needs a bronze bust in Cooperstown, NY to re-affirm that he was an outstanding player.

To wrap this up, and make everyone happy, the All-Star Game is being held in Cincinnati, OH this year.  Rose’s hometown, and home of his beloved Cincinnati Reds that he was such an iconic figure for.  I can’t think of a bigger PR win than this.

MLB gets a PR win for allowing Rose to be honored during their All-Star game, and the Hall of Fame gets a much-needed shot of credibility by inducting the most decorated hitter in baseball history, or at least announcing his eligibility for the Hall.

Give the man what he deserves. A Hall of Fame nod, and let the baseball world rejoice on July 14th, 2015 in Cincinnati, OH, where the legend of “Charlie Hustle” began.

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