KC Chiefs: Who Are The Leaders Of The Defense


The heart and soul of the KC Chiefs football team is without a doubt the defense. The Chiefs will only go as far as their defense takes them in 2015 so they will need guys to continue to step up and lead the way. The leaders of the defense should be Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dontari Poe, Sean Smith, Derrick Johnson, and Eric Berry.

Outside Linebacker Justin Houston is the best player on a very talented KC Chiefs defense, but he was franchise tagged by the Chiefs after they were unable to work out a long term deal. There have been rumors that Houston would consider sitting out part of the season, and that he has been seeking offers from other teams.

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It is very unlikely that another team will sign him though because not only would they have to pay him like one of the best defensive players in the NFL, but they would give up their next two first round picks to the Chiefs.

Houston needs to come in and continue to be a force rushing the quarterback, and maybe even get the record for sacks in a season that he missed by half a sack in 2014.

The KC Chiefs were having trouble with their cap room to begin the off-season and Tamba Hali was in trouble of becoming a cap casualty. Hali has said throughout his career that he plans to play his entire career with the Chiefs, but a lot of guys say that without actually meaning it. Hali stepped up and renegotiated his contract to reduce the cap hit.

You can expect Hali to come out in 2015 and play as hard as he has his entire career. He will also be counted on to continue to help develop Dee Ford. Hali is the kind of guy Chiefs fans would like to see as a coach one day.

The Chiefs rush defense was atrocious in 2014, but the one thing they had going for them was Dontari Poe. Poe was able to take on double teams all season to give other guys opportunities to make plays. The problem was a majority of the time nobody stepped up and made the play.

Losing two of their best run stoppers in Derrick Johnson and Mike Devito to season ending injuries didn’t help. Poe will need to continue to be the one of the best defensive lineman in the league for the Chiefs defense to be great again in 2015.

The KC Chiefs featured one of the best pass defenses in the league in 2014, and that is thanks in large part to Sean Smith playing like one of the best corners in the league. The cornerback spot opposite of Smith is a big question mark heading into the season, and there will be a competition at that position. The Chiefs need someone to step up and take control of the second cornerback position so they can’t afford to have Smith be anything less than he was in 2014.

The KC Chiefs likely would have made the playoffs in 2014 if Derrick Johnson would not have missed the entire season with an injury. When healthy Johnson is the best run stopper that the Chiefs have, and he proved just how valuable he is when Chiefs fans had to watch Josh Mauga try to be the featured inside linebacker in the middle of the Chiefs defense.

Mauga’s time as the starting inside linebacker can be summarized on one play in 2014. Latavius Murray‘s 90 yard touchdown run in which Mauga whiffed on a tackle which helped the Raiders beat the Chiefs. The Chiefs don’t have a replacement for Johnson so they need him to stay healthy and be the leader in the middle of the defense.

The last leader is Eric Berry. Berry doesn’t need to be a leader on the field, he needs to be an inspiration off of it. Berry was an inspiration that helped fuel Houston on his nearly historic season as was evident by his sack celebration. Berry needs to continue to fight and to not only be an inspiration to the Chiefs, but to people everywhere. Here is to wishing the Berry the best as he continues his battle.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Berry.

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