WATCH: Tyreek Hill's Trash-Talk Backfires Horribly Against the Chiefs

Tyreek learned a valuable lesson at the hands of Trent McDuffie

Trent McDuffie strips Tyreek Hill, leading to a decisive TD for the Chiefs
Trent McDuffie strips Tyreek Hill, leading to a decisive TD for the Chiefs / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Mess with the bull, you might get the horns.

Tyreek Hill learned that lesson the hard way in Chiefs vs. Dolphins last Sunday, just one lowlight in a poor performance for the NFL's leading receiver.

Recently released audio reveals that Hill regrettably predicted his own downfall, calling out star cornerback Trent McDuffie shortly before the most exciting Chiefs play of the season.

Tyreek Hill's Trash-Talk against Trent McDuffie Backfires Horribly with Chiefs TD

There's poetic, and then there's poetic.

Hill specifically called McDuffie (#22) out, "come on two-two! You ain't played against nobody yet like me, boy!"

Turns out, Hill hadn't played against anyone like McDuffie either.

You know what happened next. McDuffie stripped Hill, allowing Mike Edwards to scoop the ball and ultimately lateral it to Bryan Cook for a 59-yard TD. The 21-0 lead was one the Chiefs never relinquished, so this play was the deciding score in Kansas City's eventual win.

It's not the only great play McDuffie made, though. In fact, he smothered Hill at every opportunity.

Hill would finish with eight catches on 10 targets for 62 yards, his third-lowest receiving total of the season.

The Chiefs' spectacular defense is the NFL's best, and Hill was just the latest star player to learn just how good this unit is.

Sooner or later, the rest of the league will realize Trent McDuffie is someone to fear. Hill was almost right, no one's played against someone quite like #22 before.

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