Taylor Swift Makes Incredible Donation to Family of Parade Shooting Victim

Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan
Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City is mourning after the tragic passing of Lisa Lopez-Galvan during the mass shooting at the Super Bowl parade on Wednesday, though some heroes are rising to provide aid during this trying time.

There are no silver linings in a moment like this. That being said, the community is emerging with love and support to Lopez-Galvan's family, who set up a GoFundMe in support.

Donations are coming in by the thousands. Taylor Swift made her biggest contribution to the city yet, donating $100,000 to Lopez-Galvan's family.

Taylor Swift Makes Incredible Donation to Lisa Lopez-Galvan's Family

As of this writing, donations are just under $250,000 total. Numerous members of the community are contributing and you can support as well by following this link.

This is one of the most disheartening and sad weeks in the city's history, during what was supposed to be a joyous, celebratory time.

It remains to be seen if the local police department will press charges against two juveniles still in custody, though either way, the Lopez-Galvan family faces significant emotional and personal challenges moving forward.

If you're able to donate, even a little could go a long way. For now, it's beautiful to see powerful people like Swift making an impact on the community.

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