Ranking the Chiefs' Three Best Draft Picks (and Two Worst)

Jaden Hicks had 155 tackles in two seasons starting at Washington State
Jaden Hicks had 155 tackles in two seasons starting at Washington State / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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2. C.J. Hanson - Right Guard, Holy Cross (7th Round)

C.J. Hanson is an agile, experienced offensive lineman who shores up the Chiefs' depth and could start if Trey Smith gets injured. He allowed zero sacks on 321 pass-blocking snaps in 2023 and started 38 consecutive games for Holy Cross.

At the surface, I think Hanson was a great pick. However, he was the third offensive lineman that Kansas City drafted. With needs at other positions like running back, it's possible that Hanson was more of a luxury pick than a true need.

The Chiefs were quick to address running back after the draft, so it might not ultimately matter. Hanson's experience alone makes him worth a pick, though he doesn't have the clear path to playing time that Brett Veach's other picks do.

He's a seventh-round pick and I understand we're splitting hairs here. Hanson is a freaky athletic prospect with the football IQ to make an impact. The only question is whether or not he'll get the opportunity to.

Inevitably, there will be some late-round running back (Cody Schrader perhaps?) who has a big season and make Chiefs fans wonder if Veach should've spent the draft capital there instead.

Either way though, I'm thrilled with the outcome from this draft class and think we'll fondly remember it for years to come.

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