Future Hall of Famer Claims Kadarius Toney Doesn't Love Football

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Kadarius Toney nearly had the best TD of the year against the Bills
Kadarius Toney nearly had the best TD of the year against the Bills / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the whole world is piling on Kadarius Toney, for reasons both just and unjust, and now future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski is joining the fracas.

Appearing on Up & Adams with Kay Adams, Gronkowski praised Toney's physical talents but questioned his love of football. Frankly, I don't think it's a fair characterization.

Here's what Gronk had to say:

WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Questions Kadarius Toney's Love of Football

Gronkowski noted that Toney is an "athletic freak" though said that his repeated mistakes indicate he doesn't love the game.

While Toney certainly suffers from concentration lapses at times, I'm not here to say he doesn't love football. Especially given how furious Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes were with the referees following Toney's offsides penalty two weeks ago.

There are few players on the Chiefs' roster with Toney's game-breaking ability. He's dropping too many passes and deserves Patrick Mahomes' ire, sure, but it looks like he loves the game.

You don't become a first-round pick or have the longest punt return in NFL history by accident, after all. Fingers crossed Toney can come up with a massive play over the next couple of weeks to silence questions like this one.

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