Even Justin Herbert's Former Teammate Doesn't Respect Him

Justin Herbert is 2-5 against the Chiefs in his career
Justin Herbert is 2-5 against the Chiefs in his career / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Herbert hopes to bounce back from a forgettable 2023 campaign, though one former teammate thinks there's one major trait Herbert is missing despite looking like a franchise QB at times for the Chargers.

Chris Harris, a three-time All-Pro who played with Herbert, appeared on Up & Adams with Kay Adams and he didn't hold back when asked what's missing from Herbert's game.

Considering the Chargers lost Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen, and Mike Williams this offseason, Herbert faces a big challenge in his first year under Jim Harbaugh if he plans to silence the doubters.

Former Chargers CB Chris Harris Says Justin Herbert Missing 'Clutch' Factor

"He's missing that clutch factor, like a (Patrick) Mahomes," Harris said. He admitted Herbert has "made clutch plays, but it's that fourth-quarter dominance that you can see from a Brady, that you can see from a Mahomes or a Big Ben."

Harris talked about how nervous he'd be late in games against quarterbacks like those. "I knew Brady could always bring that team back even if we were up 20."

To Herbert's credit, he has 11 career fourth-quarter comebacks, just three fewer than Mahomes despite Herbert not being drafted until 2020. Nonetheless, he's failed to consistently overcome the Chiefs and lost his only playoff game in dramatic fashion.

Herbert was limited to 13 games last year, completing 65.1% of his passes for 3,134 yards and 20 TDs with seven interceptions. Harris was confident that Herbert does have the "clutch factor" but needs a great coach to bring it out of him, like a Jim Harbaugh.

"He's going to have to have that clutch factor to beat Mahomes because Mahomes has it," said Harris. Whether or not Herbert improves, the Chargers' roster isn't nearly at the Chiefs' level and doesn't look like it will be soon. Best of luck to Herbert but I don't believe it'll be easy to start manufacturing wins against the two-time defending Super Bowl champions.

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