Chiefs Undrafted Free Agents Named Best in Class by NFL Draft Analyst

The Kansas City Chiefs' UDFA signings were well received by one expert.
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Now that the 2024 NFL Draft is over, teams have turned their attention to the undrafted free agents. Every year, teams bring in plenty of young talents who didn't hear their names called in the draft to rookie minicamps and preseason workouts to see if any of them will make the final roster. And every season, a few undrafted free agents become part of the rotation for the team.

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to achieve that with their 2024 class of UDFAs. According to one NFL Draft analyst, they are the best bet to find diamonds in the rough ahead of the season.

Chiefs UDFA Class Ranked The Best in the NFL

According to Thor Nystrom of Fantasy Pros, the Chiefs have the best group of undrafted free agents in the NFL. Making the ranking based on his pre-draft 500-player big board, Nystrom lists 12 UDFAs on the Chiefs roster that he particularly likes.

The most important UDFA signings for Kansas City are Fabien Lovett out of Florida State and Curtis Jacobs out of Penn State.

Nystrom considers Lovett to be his no. 1 overall undrafted free agent. He lists the reasons for him going undrafted as his average athleticism and low ceiling. However, he is a "high-floor prospect" who can "stick around for years".

On these rankings, the Chiefs narrowly beat out the Jets for first place. Last season, the Chiefs ranked similarly high on this list at No. 4.

Curtis Jacobs and Lovett seem like the two prospects with the best chance of making the 53-man roster for the Chiefs. But how many of these undrafted free agents will make it remains to be seen.

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