Chiefs Teammates Expose Tershawn Wharton's Insane Breakfast Routine

Tershawn Wharton had 21 tackles and two sacks for the Chiefs in the 2023-24 season
Tershawn Wharton had 21 tackles and two sacks for the Chiefs in the 2023-24 season / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tershawn Wharton doesn't let any food go to waste, at least according to his teammates. During a brief media portion at the Chiefs' ring ceremony last week, Nate Taylor of The Athletic asked players who ate the most on the team.

Drue Tranquill, Justin Reid, and Leo Chenal were quick to name Wharton, with Reid saying he eats a whopping 16 eggs every morning with breakfast.

Entering his fifth season with Kansas City, Wharton is listed at 6'1", 280 LBs, so he's got the size and muscle to support his teammates' claims.

Tershawn Wharton Apparently Eats 10-16 Eggs a Day With Breakfast

When asked who ate the most, Tranquill confidently said, "There's no debate about this and if anybody says another name, they probably just aren't thinking clearly."

There's some inconsistency on the number of eggs, with Tranquill saying Wharton eats 10 a day, Chenal going with 12 and Reid reporting 16. Tranquill also mentioned that the defensive lineman eats a triple-decker French toast as well.

That's quite a bit of food, though Wharton is still able to play effectively and clearly gets his protein. Trey Smith was named a couple of times as well by teammates. While he said he'd take Wharton down in a wing-eating contest, he didn't sound overly confident otherwise. Smith has twice won the wing competition at Travis Kelce's 'Kelce Jam' event, giving his claim some merit.

The team is off until July 21 when training camp officially begins. Wharton and the rest of the players have some time to get their bodies ready after minicamp, but let's hope Wharton's local grocery store has enough eggs in stock.

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