Chiefs Reportedly Made Big Mistake on Super Bowl Rings

The Chiefs' Super Bowl rings reportedly list the Dolphins as the #7 seed and not #6
The Chiefs' Super Bowl rings reportedly list the Dolphins as the #7 seed and not #6 / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs enjoyed a joyous celebration on Thursday night as the 2023-24 team received their glorious Super Bowl rings during a ceremony. However, it appears the rings may contain one major fact error.

On the inside band of the ring, the scores of each playoff win are listed. Social media users quickly noticed on the release video that the Miami Dolphins were erroneously given the #7 seed. In fact, the Dolphins held the #6 seed in the AFC playoffs.

While there was initial hope the error was merely on the release video, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said he's confirmed at least one real ring contains the mistake.

Chiefs' Super Bowl Rings Reportedly Contain Fact Error

In the grand scheme of things, it's a relatively minor mistake that doesn't matter much, though it's humorous regardless. At the least, I'm sure Tyreek Hill isn't thrilled about it.

They're beautiful rings with fun, unique touches like the engraving of the "Tom and Jerry" play in Andy Reid's handwriting that won the Super Bowl. Accidentally including a slight diss at Hill's new team, whom the Chiefs dominated in the AFC Wild Card round, adds a bit of flare to the ring.

It's not clear if every ring contains the mistake, though that's starting to feel like the most likely scenario.

When you make three Super Bowl rings in five years, sometimes mistakes happen. To the victors go the spoils, though next year let's hope there aren't any big errors.

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