Chiefs Player Just Leaked Team is Making Major Change in 2024

Justin Reid revealed the Chiefs plan to have him handle kickoffs instead of Harrison Butker
Justin Reid revealed the Chiefs plan to have him handle kickoffs instead of Harrison Butker / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We heard from special teams coordinator Dave Toub at the Chiefs' optional OTAs that the team was considering having Justin Reid handle kickoffs instead of Harrison Butker under the NFL's new rules.

Reid appeared on the Green Light podcast with Chris Long and revealed the plan is indeed for him to do kickoffs moving forward. He was already excited about the possibility, though you can hear his enthusiasm through the screen.

Since kickers will now be heavily involved in the pursuit of the ball-carrier, it makes sense to have a guy with kicking and tackling experience like Reid take over.

Justin Reid Reveals Chiefs 'Planning' for Him to Handle Kickoffs

Prior to that clip, the two-time Super Bowl champion explained how the kickoff team can now take off once the ball hits the ground or a player, so low kicks are incentivized.

Talking about how kickoffs will change, Reid said, "When you have special talents like a Tyreek or some of these other explosive returners, there’s an open gap somewhere on that field. They have ten blockers, and we have ten attackers, but everybody has two shoulders, so there’s an open gap somewhere."

Then came the revelation. Reid continues, "The advantage for us is that if I’m doing the job, which is what we’re planning on doing, then I can fill that last gap, so it makes it a little bit easier that nobody needs to win two gaps."

Reid let a sly smile loose when he said "Which is what we're planning on doing" and you can tell he's fired up. The entire dynamic changes for kickoffs and now a player like Reid has extended value on special teams.

He noted that Butker isn't upset about losing part of his responsibilities. "We're in a great place with it," Reid said. "I think that he's excited to preserve himself...We can use him when we really need him which is in those fourth-quarter situations to go nail a 60-yard field goal and win the game."

Other NFL teams will likely soon adopt the Chiefs' strategy, as Reid smartly points out that it'd be "devastating" for a kicker to get hurt trying to make a tackle in the second quarter and be unable to attempt field goals.

These new rules are changing strategy across the board but it appears that, as always, Kansas City is one step ahead of the competition.

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