Aaron Rodgers Desperately Using Travis Kelce to Stay Relevant From the Sideline

This is getting pathetic now, Aaron

Travis Kelce has drawn the ire of Aaron Rodgers over his support of vaccines
Travis Kelce has drawn the ire of Aaron Rodgers over his support of vaccines / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Have you no shame, sir?

Aaron Rodgers' pathetic grasps at relevance are as desperate as they are ridiculous. One week after he called Travis Kelce "Mr. Pfizer" while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers doubled down on his pseudoscience and challenged Kelce to a tag-team vaccine debate.

Given Kelce's poignant and respectful response during a press conference this week, he doesn't seem willing to take the bait and feed into Rodgers' outlandish ego.

Aaron Rodgers Challenges Travis Kelce to Vaccine Debate

Look at that insufferable weasel.

Not only is Rodgers' suggestion that he team up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on Kelce and Dr. Anthony Fauci patently absurd, but Rodgers' request that they debate on Kelce's No. 1 podcast New Heights reeks of desperation.

Tyreek Hill pulled a similar move this week, implying the NFL rigged the Chiefs' win against the Jets because Taylor Swift was there before asking to have Kelce on his show.

Its embarrassing. Like Hill, Rodgers is trying to latch onto Kelce's gravitational pull, getting publicity and attention as a result. Kelce is one of the sport's biggest stars, so feeble minds want to take advantage of him.

Never mind that Rodgers' checks are signed by the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical heir. After all, facts and evidence never mattered much when Rodgers' ego could take center stage instead.

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