Tyreek Hill Takes Shot at Chiefs Super Bowl Win Last Year

Someone needs to take his microphone away...

Tyreek Hill has had a lot to say about the Kansas City Chiefs lately
Tyreek Hill has had a lot to say about the Kansas City Chiefs lately / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Some people just can't get over their previous relationships.

Appearing on his It Needed to Be Said podcast, Tyreek Hill threw shade on the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory over the Eagles while insinuating Kansas City didn't deserve to beat the New York Jets either in Week 4.

There's been much chatter around the league regarding Sauce Gardner's holding penalty late in the game, similar to James Bradberry's late hold in the Super Bowl. Gardner wasn't happy about the call and it seems Tyreek Hill agrees with him.

Tyreek Hill Throws Shade at Chiefs Super Bowl Win

Always one to stir up controversy, Hill's comments imply the Chiefs did not deserve the Super Bowl win or the Jets win.

He foolishly suggested the Chiefs were "saved" against the Eagles before implying that the refs were on Kansas City's side because of Taylor Swift's presence. Oh, brother.

To absolutely nobody's surprise, Hill ends the clip by asking Travis Kelce to come on his podcast. This is a classic podcaster move: stir up controversy by saying something goofy then demand the recipient of your ire come on your podcast.

Hill is obviously just trying to get publicity around his show, and I'm certainly guilty of taking the bait here. Nonetheless, the Week 9 Chiefs vs. Dolphins matchup just got even more exciting.

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