3 Losses on Chiefs' 2024 Schedule That Would Be Catastrophic

Now that the Chiefs' full 2024 NFL season schedule has been revealed, here's a look at three losses that would be catastrophic for Kansas City.
The Chiefs must avoid losing to these three teams next season.
The Chiefs must avoid losing to these three teams next season. / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Week 10 vs. Denver Broncos

When you're a Kansas City fan, three guarantees in life are: death, taxes, and the Chiefs getting the better of the Denver Broncos.

Since November 2015, the Chiefs own an impressive 16-1 record over the Broncos. In fact, Kansas City had actually between its AFC West rival 16 matchups in a row before Denver shocked Chiefs Kingdom with a 24-9 upset victory in Week 8 last season. The Chiefs were their worst enemy that afternoon as they finished with five turnovers while being shut out in the second half.

The loss to the Broncos ended up kickstarting an alarming mid-season slide for the Chiefs. Including the loss to Denver, Kansas City went 3-5 between Weeks 8 and 16, leaving many to question if the latter was a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Obviously, the Chiefs rebounded from that slump and went on to win another Super Bowl, but that doesn't change the fact that they can't lose to the Broncos. It's not like Denver even has nine-time Pro Bowl gunslinger Russell Wilson anymore, instead opting to boast a QB room that features unproven rookie Bo Nix, journeyman Jarrett Stidham, and resident bust Zach Wilson.

The Chiefs beat the Broncos in 16 consecutive meetings for a reason, so let's chalk up last year's loss as a fluke. I trust that Kansas City has learned from its mistake and won't take Denver as lightly this time.

Unsurprisingly, DraftKings is heavily favoring the Chiefs over the Broncos ahead of the Week 10 clash, giving the home team a 9-point advantage on the spread.