3 Chiefs Whose Jobs Still Aren't Safe After Surviving the Trade Deadline

These Chiefs are still auditioning for their jobs next season

Kadarius Toney has just two targets over the last two weeks as he's seen his snap count plummet
Kadarius Toney has just two targets over the last two weeks as he's seen his snap count plummet / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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Brett Veach chose to stand pat at the trade deadline, moving forward with the current Chiefs roster instead of making a splash at wide receiver despite speculation throughout the week that a move was coming.

While Kansas City did not make a trade, that does not mean that every player on the roster is safe. On the contrary, poor performances in recent weeks by several Chiefs leaves their job security perilously thin.

Here are three Chiefs whose jobs aren't safe despite surviving the trade deadline:

3 Chiefs Whose Jobs Still Aren't Safe After Trade Deadline

1. Kadarius Toney - Wide Receiver

We entered the year with massive expectations for Toney after the Chiefs touted him as a potential No. 1 wide receiver in the offseason, but it's been a rocky couple of months for the versatile wideout from the very beginning.

Toney has just 19 catches for 109 yards on the year and has been relegated to quick screen passes behind the line of scrimmage along with jet sweeps. Not so coincidentally, his snap count plummeted the last two weeks as well following the Chiefs' reunion with Mecole Hardman, a player who fills the same role.

At the time, I thought the Hardman trade was about Skyy Moore's disappointing production, but it's obvious that Toney is the odd man out moving forward.

The man responsible for the longest punt return in Super Bowl history saw just 19% of snaps in Week 7 and 20% in Week 8, while Hardman went from 16% to 36% in the same span.

Toney is an electric player, but inconsistency and frequent injuries make him unreliable. He feels too talented to sit on the bench, thought the Chiefs' actions over the last couple of weeks tell us otherwise.

Fingers crossed we see him attack down the field over the rest of the season, as he doesn't seem to have a role in the status quo.

There's a different wide receiver that's disappointed as well, and we have to see improvements from this player to avoid more disasters like the Week 8 loss to Denver.