3 Chiefs on Thin Ice Despite Exhilarating Week 12 Win vs. Raiders

Find out what players are on thin ice before Week 13
Kadarius Toney has only 139 receiving yards on the season
Kadarius Toney has only 139 receiving yards on the season / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Kadarius Toney - WR

It's not Toney's fault he was injured and missed last week's game, but his lack of usage throughout the year and the ease with which Richie James filled his role doesn't cast a favorable light on Toney's future in Kansas City.

This was the shortest receiver rotation the Chiefs played with all year, and letting Kelce and Rice get the majority of targets feels like the most logical path forward after the impressive offensive performance.

Toney has just 22 catches for 139 yards and a TD. If his injury lingers, it's hard to imagine him sticking around when the Chiefs inevitably address the wide receiver room in the offseason.

He's still an electrifying athlete with an unmatched ability to break tackles. We've seen how he can completely change the momentum in massive games, though I'm worried he won't get as many opportunities as he should be afforded.

If Toney stays behind the other receivers in snaps once he returns, his time as a Chief may too be coming to an end.

I hope he gets another opportunity, as he's one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL. That being said, Toney has to be on thin ice until he gets back on the field.

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